Thursday, 19 April 2007

And so it begins........

So. I've chosen an obsure blog title. I've chosen a template. I've added to my profile complete with bizarre self portrait photo. Now I haven't got the first clue what I'm going to say on here! Kendo could have a point when he said "what the hell have you got to say to the world?" LOL.

At the moment things around here are same old, same old. What was the saying? S.S.D.D?? Same Shit, Different Day. Grace is in playschool 5 afternoons a week, which should be a good thing, but those 3.5 hours don't half go by quick and by the time I'm out of the door to go anywhere I'm thinking about coming home for the school run. Ewan is sitting up on his own, chewing everything is sight (including Gracie's toys - I forsee future battles and trips to A&E over that issue!) and growing like there's no tomorrow (but that's what 7 month olds do right?).

I've signed up for the Madhatters Cybercrop on UK Scrappers ( - because what I need is more crafting commitments, not! I'm actually having a blast though and I'm finally talking to other UKSs other than my points team - venturing out into the big wide UKS world. Scary. Thankfully it seems they don't bite (well, not unless you ask them nicely).

I supposed I should go and work out how to use this thing now I've sign up for it! Watch this space (or not if you have a life) for some family photos and scrapping project pics, when I work out how to load them!