Wednesday, 30 May 2007

Another Year Older...

Well. I'm officially another year older and from now on will have to refer to myself as "over 30". It's been a strange old couple of days round here, but Bank Holiday weekends have a habit of being like that - they throw you for curve.

I had celebratory (commiseratory??) birthday beers (well vodkas actually) round at Karen's on Saturday night with her and Paula. A few swift halves (erm... pints and double vodkas) in the Houghton Arms and back to Karen's for a restrained evening of beverages, canapes and entertainment (erm..... more vodka, breadsticks and tortillas and pogo-dancing to the Wonder stuff till 4am). All good fun :)

I got lots of card (didn't realise I actually knew that many people! LOL) and pennies from most people (to go towards my Craft Robo) and Hobbycraft vouchers from the lubbly Julie (she knows me SO well!). I need to find some time to get down there and get them spent - how I wish Hobbycraft were nearer than Warrington.

I haven't done anything crafty for a while so I'm flagging a bit. I realised yesterday morning that I didn't even put Friday challenges on BW last week. I'm so uninspired that I can't even inspire others. Sad. I noticed that Pencillines are looking for a new design team member. I doubt if I'd enter for that (not even kidding myself my stuff is anywhere near design team level) - but I really did like the sketch for that week so I think I'm going to give that a try. SI mag is doing the Scrapbooker of the year thing again too. I've been at this too long to go in the newbie category - and again I don't think any of my stuff is good enough to go up against the serious talent in the UK that will be in the general category. That said though, my Mother always told me you don't get anywhere if you don't try. Hmmmmm. I think I'll have to see if I can come up with a couple of LOs that I'm happy with and trawl through the albums for a couple of older ones I like.

I always struggle with stuff like this because even after 3 years of scrapping, I still don't think I've found my style.... unless "Eclectic" can be used as a scrapbooking style - because I don't really have one type of look to my stuff. Maybe I need some scrapping soul-searching to try to find my "thang". LOL.

I do need to do a LO about Ewan's new nickname. He's really discovering his voice now - and his first word..... Egg! He just shouts it all the time - it's so funny. So now we're adopting it as his nickname (poor kid - you know it's going to stick forever!) and it needs to be commemorated. It has also prompted many a chorus of "I am the Eggman, they are the Egg men. I am the Walrus" - just how many drugs was John Lennon taking when he wrote that??? Blimey.

Right, that's about enough of my post-birthday waffling. I feel slightly better that I've blogged now - I was beginning to get slacky! Tish!


Friday, 25 May 2007

A Most Peculiar Morning

The post-job-not-getting pity party is over, you'll be pleased
to know. I'm feeling much more philosophical about the whole thing. Serves them right that they won't get to enjoy scrummy Friday cupcakes if you ask me. I have a couple more application forms en route to me, so we shall see what's around the corner.

I have had the most peculiar morning this morning. I had to get up early to grab a shower and wash (and dry) my hair - mostly on account of me looking like I'd been dragged through a deep fat fryer backwards -Yuk! So I was up and about, all clean and showered and refreshed..... then realised that the kids were both still fast asleep (Kendo had left for work). So, it's 8.20, they're both still in bed and I'm blogging with a nice cup of tea and some peace and quiet before the madness of the day begins. There could be something in this "getting up early" malarkey you know.

On a totally different note, the post job blues did necessitate me making something crafty - which always makes me feel better - and as I wanted to make something comfy and cosy that meant grabbing the knitting needles. 10 stitches and 15 inches later and these are what we have - knitted Alice bands (courtesy of Shimelle (again!)). They're quite cute actually. I made this one for Grace (although as you can see she's less than impressed with me making her try it on while Scooby Doo was on!) and a purple one and a black and white one for me.

More on that later....peace it over it seems, both kids awake and shouting!!


Wednesday, 23 May 2007

Would you like fries with that?

Well, I didn't get the housing association job. So right now that's what my career prospects feel like. Okay, so that might be a little melodramatic...... Do you think maybe they'd hire me at Subway?? Hmmm.... possibly not - well, except maybe as a bouncer :P
I'm completely bummed out because the location and the role and the hours were just what I was looking for and now I've got the task of trawling through job ads and websites and dealing with the hideousness that is employment agencies. Sigh. Serves me right really - as my Grandmother would have said I shouldn't have put all my eggs in one basket (although what eggs would have to do with it I don't know - except maybe the fact that I could happily lob a couple of dozen at their office building right now....or that they're nice on a McMuffin ;)).
I was going to do some scrapping tonight - mostly on account of me having fleed from the living room and the horror that is UEFA cup football (is that what it is??? I don't even know! LOL). I will say once again what I always say when it comes to footie. Twenty two men fighting over one ball - give 'em a ball each - problem solved.
So, in light of the self inflicted banishment to the conservatory I thought I would do the BW scraplift challenge - but I can't seem to find the energy to print my photos, let alone scrap them. Probably something to do with the huge Chinese takeaway I've just scoffed to drown my sorrows :)
Maybe I should make cupcakes? Cheesy ones perhaps..... to go with my whine?? ;)
That's about enough of my pity party I think - I'll come back when I've got something nice to say ;)

Tuesday, 22 May 2007

If life gives you lemons, make....

Lemon and Lime Cupcakes
Originally uploaded by CookiePics.

Lemon and Lime Cupcakes :) because they're yummy!!!

So, this is my first time out adapting my own cupcake recipe, and they came out pretty damn fine! Here's the recipe (apologies to any UK ladies because the recipe it's adapted from was in cups):

Lemon and Lime Cupcakes

For the Cakes:

4oz unsalted butter
1 3/4 cups of caster sugar
2 lg Eggs
1/2 tsp Salt
21/5 tsp Baking Powder
3 cups Plain Flour
1 cup Milk
1/3 Cup of Lemon and Lime Juice*
Zest of 2 Lemons
Rose's Lemon and Lime Marmalade (for the filling)
Supercook Lemon Jellies (to decorate) - I found these at Tesco in the home baking aisle

*I used the juice of the two lemons I zested and made up to a 1/3 cup with Lime Juice

• Beat the butter until soft (about 30 secs)
• Add the sugard and beat until light and fluffy (for about 3 mins)
• Add the eggs one at a time beating for 30 secs after each one
• Add the sifted flour, baking powder and salt
• Mix with a wooden spoon until combined
• Add the lemon and lime juice, zest and milk and mix well
• Fill the cake cases to about 2/3 full
• Bake for 22-25 mins at 350F, 180C, Gas Mark 4
• Leave to cool on a wire rack

For the Icing:

200g Unsalted butter
200-250g Icing Sugar (start with 200 and add more to taste if needed, the sweetness fades over time so it will start to taste more buttery if you don't add enough)
2 tblsp Double Cream
1tsp Lemon Extract
1/2tsp Yellow food colouring (optional)

• Beat butter until fluffy
• Add the cream and lemon extract and beat until combined
• Add the sifted Icing sugar and beat until combined
• Add the food colouring and beat until even

Assembling the cakes:
Once the cakes are cooled, use a melon baller to scoop out a dent in the top of the cake. Add a half tsp of the lemon and lime marmalade and replace the top. Pipe on the icing. Add a jellied lemon.

I used muffin cases and a muffin pan to make these (and it made about 22 cakes). If you used normal cake cakes it would probably make about 36.

The original recipe was from Chockylit’s cupcake blog.

The cake was a little dry on it’s own but the marmalade and the buttercream soon sorts that out.

I’ll definitely be trying this recipe adapting thing again – it was great fun.


"Giz A Job"

Well, my interview is over and done with. It actually went really well (and was possibly the shortest interview I've ever had, clocking in at a measly 17 minutes! LOL). The two women who interviewed me seemed lovely and the office itself is nice. Apparently they've interviewed 3 or 4 people sent by the job centre who were under the impression that the job was full time (someone made a boo boo it seems) so that's eliminated some of the competition. Hopefully my witty reparte and stirling interview performance (yeah, right!) was enough to convince them. As Yosser would say "Giz A Job". The manager is going on holiday tomorrow and wants it sorted before she goes so I should find out tomorrow if I've got it (which is good) and they want someone to start ASAP so I assume it will be after the Bank Holiday - knowing my luck, if I get it they'll want me to start on the Tuesday -which just happens to be my birthday! I'll have to take cupcakes in with me if I do :)

On the topic of which...... Kendo has his exam tonight (6pm, for 3 hours, and it's in bloody Leek of all places.... bizarre) so I'll be all on my lonesome this evening, which is probably the perfect excuse to get some scrapping done and maybe whip up some lemon cupcakes.

I really need to do the BW scraplift.....sorry BW ladies for holding everyone up!! I have an idea for it - I just need to print some photos, and choose some papers, and find some I'm not as organised as I thought! LOL.

Right, I'm off to make the most of Ewan's nap and Grace-at-school time to have a nice cuppa and work out what I'm going to put in these cupcakes.

Monday, 21 May 2007

Zoiks! It's Scooby Doo!

All together now:

"Scooby Dooby Doo, Where are you
We got some work to do now

Scooby Dooby Doo,Where are you
We need some help from you now

Come on,Scooby Doo,I see you
pretending you got a sliver

But you're not foolin' me, cause I can see
the way you shake and shiver

You know we got a mystery to solve and Scooby Doo,
be ready for your act Don't hold back!

And Scooby Doo if you come through you're gonna
have yourself a Scooby Snack!

Scooby Dooby Doo,where are you
You're ready and you're willing

If we can count on you Scooby Doo
I know you'll catch that villian "

So, that's firmly lodged in my head now (as if it wasn't already!).

Scooby Doo: Live on Stage was great! Okay, the plot was a little thin (basically a standard Scooby episode stretched over an hour and 30 minutes) but all the gags and catchphrases were there, along with some cool songs and some audience participation - what more could a Scooby fan ask for??

Gracie's was really chuffed and SO excited. Apparently "This is the best surprise, EVER!". We bought her a cute Scooby T-shirt (like a baseball shirt, white with dark sleeves and the Scooby Gang on the front) - unfortunatley the smallest they had was age 7/8, so she's currently wearing it as a night shift (needs must!).

Ewan spent his first afternoon being looked after by Nanny Winnie and Grandad. Just a shame that he's caught Gracie's conjunctivitis so he was a bit grumpy :( Typical that's she's fine now and he's ill! If it's not one it's the other *SIGH*

Interview day tomorrow, so I'm starting to get really nervous (Zoiks, indeed!). My outfit is cleaned and ironed (I manage to find something that fits and isn't stained with orange Ewan puke), I just need to read up on their policies and stuff off the website. So far I've managed not to think too much about it (the only good thing about poorly babies!) but now it's creeping closer I keep getting that butterfly feeling in my stomach. Urrghhhh.

Right, off to do lunch for Gracie before School. Yey!! Back to School after her week off sick - Thank Goodness!!


Saturday, 19 May 2007

Mint Chocolatey Goodness!!

Mint Chocolate Cupcakes

Mmmmmmm..... Minty Chocolatey Yumminess abounds in these :)

I have to say that the cake itself didn't turn out as nice as the gingerbread ones (but I am a sucker for gingerbread) but combined with the mint buttercream and the chocolate ganache (isn't that a great word??) these are supremely delicious.

Recipe from Shimelle (again) - I not have an original thought??? Maybe next I mean Saturday..... there's an idea for a lemon and lime slab cake cooking in my head.

So, aside from the cupcake making what else has been going on around here?

Well, I managed to inflict a not-so-mortal craft wound on myself by slicing my finger open on a craft knife (don't panic - I was careful not to bleed in the cake mix! ;)) The cut is right across my nail bed though, which is particularly gross and made me feel all wibbly at just the thought of it. I'm just hoping my nail is going to survive intact and not go all weird and horrible *shudder*. Clearly I shouldn't be trusted around sharp implements.

In a moment of madness this weekend Kendo has convinced me to buy tickets for us (Kendo, Gracie and me) to go and see Scooby Doo:Live on Stage at the Liverpool Empire tomorrow (the 1pm matinee). We haven't told Grace yet so I can't wait to see her face when she realises where we're going (although she'll probably be disappointed that it's not a pantomine!). More on that tomorrow.

There'll be no scrapping for me tomorrow - I have to be a good little interview-going-person and read all the blurb from the website for the housing association place. I'm sure that I'll once more be thanking TPTB for my amazing memory for absolute crap information (all be it only retained until it's no longer needed - well, it got me through 4 years of University!).

Just about time for my bed I think.


Ready, Steady....GO!

I've had this project on the back burner for a (long) while. I bought a sarabinder, pockets and dividers with the intention of making a new ideas journal for jotting down my sketch/LO/sewing ideas. They've been sat in the jiffy bag they were delivered in for about 4 months (or more) - that pesky life getting in the way of my crafting again!

Jane (my UKS "PaperAddicts" Teammate) pointed my in the direction of a great new scrapbook inspiration blog recently (at They are basically giving a one word prompt every fortnight to give some inspiration for scrapping/crafting.

The first prompt, to kick things off quite aptly was "Go". My first thought on that was immediately "Go Create" so I figured it would be the perfect start for my ideas journal. It was also a great way to finally use the BG Color Me Silly papers and monograms that I've had for over a year and have yet to do anything with (they don't really fit my scrapping style, but I love looking at them! - Bad scrap stash shopping methods! LOL). Now I'm justified in my purchase because I think they're great for this project, and I get to look at the yummy colours all the time to inspire me :)

The outside of the binder is covered with the "Believe" paper and the spine is covered with the "Enjoy" paper. On the inside of the binder I've used the "play" paper and the dividers and pockets are covered in a selection of the following paper: Believe, Play, Enjoy, Laugh, Doodle and Discover. I've used the large BG monograms for the "GO" and the smaller ones for the words on the front and the lettering on the dividers. I've outlined the smaller ones in black pen to make them stand out more and added a little bit of doodling on the "GO" monograms.

The dividers are labelled with:

Layout ideas
Sketch ideas
Sewing ideas

I'm really pleased with how this has turned out, now I'm just hoping I get enough inspiration to fill it with ideas and that it doesn't sit neglected on my desk!


Wednesday, 16 May 2007

My Red-Eyed Girl

Well - it's all fun and games around here today.... NOT!

Poor Gracie has developed viral conjunctivitis - as if her ear infection wasn't bad enough. Her eyes look so red and sore. Poor bunny :( She's gutted because she missed her school photo today as well. She's really not having the best of luck with school events - she already missed the school play and Christmas party because she had a gastric bug.

Ewan is still well (so far!) although he's a bit chesty too. A right pair of sickly babies I have at home at the moment.

Me? I'm just knackered from only getting about 14 hours sleep over the last 4 nights. How do people deal with kids who don't sleep all the time??? I'm obviously spoilt and have gotten far too used to my full 8 hours.

I was going to do some scrapping tonight - but I'm just too knackered to even get my head around starting a page. Then I thought I would finish the patchwork tote - but that involved dragging the sewing machine out - which involved having some energy. So that idea got binned as well. I settled on surfing for some more yummy cupcake recipes - so I think I'm going to try the mint chocolate one next...with After Eight mints. They sound delish :)

I really need to get some scrapping done....... sometime. It's the Haydock crop on Saturday, but of course Kendo's working (why wouldn't he be?) so I don't know if I'll make it (that'll be about the 4th in a row I've missed I think Rolling Eyes ).

That's about enough from me for tonight I think... definitely time for an early night - before Gracie wakes me up every hour!!


Tuesday, 15 May 2007

Cupcake Heaven!!

It's official. I have died and gone to cupcake heaven!!

I've been eyeing up the recipe for Gingerbread Latte Cupcakes on Shimelle's blog since she posted it (I think I might be her stalker! LOL - me and a couple of thousand other people Winky) so I thought I would buy some stuff and give them a try tonight.
THEY ARE GORGEOUS!!! No....really, really, GORGEOUS!!!

Unfortunatley I should have read the recipe properly.... and double checked the quantities......because my kitchen is now drowning in a sea of gorgeous cupcakes (not that that's a bad thing!). I'm going to have to send some to work with Kendo tomorrow and take some to the ILs in the afternoon too (or my arse will be 5 times wider that it is already Winky ).

The left over mix would have made a great slab cake too - if I'd remembered to grease the tin before I baked it. What's the saying.... more haste, less speed? Now the slab cake is a gooey, crumbly, gingerbread scrummy mess.....but that hasn't stopped Kendo from scoffing it by the handful. I don't think this new found baking kick is going to do his diet any good, and he was doing so well as well. Awwwww.

Grace is slightly better today (still a super whinge bag, but much more lively). Hopefully she'll be well enough for school tomorrow because it's photo day, and hopefully she won't keep me awake half the night again - I really don't have the stamina for hourly wakings! At least I'll have the cupcakes to build up my strength in the morning. Smile

You can, of course, find the recipe on Shimelle's blog and you really, really should!


Monday, 14 May 2007

Sick Babies and Superstars

Well, I would have been on earlier extoling the virtues of Meatloaf live - but Gracie has an ear infection so I've been busy looking after my poorly baby :(

The gig was really good. Meatloaf is excellent and puts on an amazing stage show. The only downside was I expected the crowd to be.....well.....a little more enthusiastic! We were surrounded by a right bunch of miserable old duffers (with the exception of the woman sat next to Kerry - who apologised as soon as Kerry sat down, for what she was going to do! LOL). Granted we were in the sat in the sloping bits around the side (not in the Gods but still on a pretty steep incline) so all out headbanging wasn't really an option - unless you fancied taking a header down a 40 foot drop, but there's something just not right about sitting there sedately why Meaty rocks out on a stage in front of you.

I felt I had to take matters into my own hands when he played Bat Out Of Hell and point blankly refused to stay seated for it! Thankfully a couple of other people had the same idea and so everyone eventually had to stand up or risk staring at someone's arse for the remainder of the concert (serves the old gits right if you ask me).

I'd definitley go again - but only with a standing ticket. Sitting in a rock gig is just WRONG!

I'm totally knackered today after getting about 3 hours sleep last night. Grace was awake every half hour or so, so no sooner had I nodded off and I was awake again. I feel like I've got a newborn to deal with all over again - and I'm thus reminded of one of the reasons I'm never doing that again! Hopefully she'll be up to going to school tomorrow (those antibiotics had better be kicking in by then!) because she's driven me barmy this afternoon by being in one of those "I'm not so sick that I can't whine, but I'm too sick to be happy" kind of moods. I guess I should be grateful that Ewan's okay and has been a total superstar all day. Bless him.

I found a nice email in my Googlemail box yesterday inviting me for interview for the housing association job I've applied for - which means I'd better go digging in my wardrobe for something resembling a work outfit. Although, at the moment, anything that's doesn't smell of poopie or baby puke would be an improvement on my usual attire. The interview is Tuesday 22nd at 12pm. Fingers crossed, eh?

I was in a "making something" kind of a mood earlier tonight (somehow having made something in an evening always makes me feel better), but I wasn't in a papercrafting kind of place so I dragged the sewing machine out and made a start on a patchwork totebag. Then my headache (from listening to "waaaaa waaaaaa waaaaaa waaaaaa waaaaaa" all day long) got the better of me so it's gone back in the bag half finished and my "make me" buzz has gone :( I hate it when that happens.

Okay, that's practically war and peace so that's about enough from me for tonight. Shower, bed and a good book are on the agenda I think.


Saturday, 12 May 2007

It's Meatloaf night!!

No....... Not this one......

This one......

I'm going to see MEATLOAF in concert at the M.E.N. tonight - woo hoo!!

I'm getting really excited now. I've never seen him live so I can't wait. It only feels like a few days ago we were getting the tickets from my SILs for Christmas, when May 12th seemed like an eternity away, and now it's here.

Grace is still poorly today (although her temp is better than yesterday). Strange that she's mysteriously well all of a sudden when there's any mention of Megan and Olivia's birthday party this afternoon. Hmmmm. ;) I've told her we'll go for an hour, so that's cheered her up a bit.

Ewan's testing out a whole new range of noises today. He's currently having a post-lunch yodel in his chair and laughing at Gracie (coz who wouldn't?? She's such a loon!).

Hopefully they'll both be on their best behaviour tonight as Nanny Tish is on duty for bedtime.

I'll probably be back later, on a post-Meatloaf high, to give an update on the gig.


Friday, 11 May 2007

Friday Challenges

What can I say? I'm not very inspired to inspire this Friday. Both kids have colds (Gracie is a serious grump) so my brain is cabbaged from dealing with a barrage of constant grumbling.

I've gone with this weeks pencillines sketch for the sketch challenge, which is here (

The scrapbooking challenge is a mixed bag this week with an either/or option:


Make a mini album/tag book/maze book/matchbook i.e. something other than a standard LO.

OR (If you just want to do a LO):

Use a Heart somewhere on your LO
Use a Tag on your LO
Use fabric on your LO

Hope everyone has fun with them.


Thursday, 10 May 2007

What's New Pussycat??

Fimo pussy cat birthday cards - that's what!

Courtesy of Papercraft Inspirations Mag this month. There was a great idea for cards with little marbled Fimo cats on them. So, as I had some Fimo laying around (I have no idea from what!!) I thought I'd given them a go, and I have to say they've come out great. I'm so pleased with them. If they weren't personalised I might even want to keep them! Probably less trouble than the real pussy cat - not that that would be difficult. A pack of wild coyotes would be less trouble than Scully.

That's just about enough card making for tonight though - off to my bed with the last 3 chapters of my book (The Good, The Bad and The Undead by Kim Harrison - so good I've read it twice ;)).

They had no Rolos in the shop today, so the cookie update will have to wait until after the weekend..... birthday party and Meatloaf gig on Saturday!


Wednesday, 9 May 2007

Heart to Heart

No - not the dodgy 70s Telly show (no sign of Max around here!). I've been inspired by the little felt hearts that Shimelle posted on her blog (sharing the love :) ) and by my hair accessory kick this week to combine the two and make this cute little hair clip for Gracie.
I think I'll try a couple of other designs as well - I think it works pretty well.

Instructions for the felt hearts are on Shimelle's site:

Right - I've had a busy blogging night so I'm off to my bed (after I've sorted out Rach's html dilemma!!).

TTFN (again!)

Post Cookie Tasting Analysis

The first batch of Rolo Cookies are done! They look delicious and don't taste half bad, but after the taste test and some serious post cookie scoffing analysis I've concluded that the recipe needs some tweeking. Sufficient to say that it's about 30 minutes since I ate half of one and I'm still riding the sugar high! Needless to say I won't be trying out this batch on Gracie, and I wouldn't recommend eating them just before bed.

I think the problem is that the original recipe called for plain/dark chocolate so there's a lot of sugar in it to counteract the bitterness. Obviously that's not the case when you sneakily put in Rolo chunks instead of chocolate chunks. I'll try again with more flour and less sugar for the next batch. So recipe posting will have to wait until it's perfected.


Hark at me - HTML editing lady!

Well, as you can probably tell, I've had great fun today editing the HTML script on my blog to customise it. It was easier than I thought actually and loads of fun getting the custom background and header in, as well as shuffling things about some.

Gracie was back at school today (thank heaven's!) so a nice quiet afternoon with just me and Ewan (who's holding up remarkably well considering he's getting his top teeth through at the moment and is still full of a cold).

I've come over all Martha Stewart this evening and I have Rolo cookies baking in the oven (I wish they'd invented smelli-blogging because the smell wafting in from the kitchen is to die for!). If they come out okay and not a gooey mess then I'll post the recipe and some pics (assuming I don't eat them all first :)). After licking the mixing bowl clean though (everyone does that....right?) I suspect that they might be rather rich - but still delicious.

I've been ousted from my laptop tonight while Kendo does some revision for his cement/concrete/mixing hard things in a bucket course, so I might try to get some scrapping done. That's if I can move after stuffing my face with Rolo cookies - which have just some out of the oven, and look scrummy.

Back soon with the Rolo cookie recipe..... watch this space.


Tuesday, 8 May 2007

Hair today...gone tomorrow!

The question - how many hair bows can one woman make in two evenings?

The answer - a shed load if she has a 3 year old DD, a 14 year old Emo and twin soon to be 4 year olds to make them for!

At final count there were 17 (including the two for the bow holders for the twins). Not a bad haul for two nights work. LOL.

To be honest, bow-making was a pleasant change from listening to Gracie complaining all day long. No school today as she's "a little bit poorly" (aka she's got a cold and a slight temp). You can bet your arse she's going tomorrow though because she's driven me potty today (Evil Mother!! Mwwahhhh!!).

I'm not sure what's worse. Gracie's only being so ill that it makes her a whinge-bag or Kendo with man-flu being in a grumpy mood and snoring on the sofa all night long. It's a close call!

Onto cards for the Twins next - I have no idea what I'm going to do for those. Time to wing it again I think. No change there then! I'll have to see what I can come up with.

I was going to make Rolo cookies tonight - but the bows got in the way. I have all the stuff ready though so maybe tomorrow when Gracie's at school, or in the evening (Wednesday tomorrow, therefore totally shite telly - all the more time for crafty things. Yey!).

Crafty gift paranoid is setting in now though. What if the Twins Mum just thinks I'm a total cheapskate? This is why I don't often make gifts for none family members. At least you can tell them that they'll just have to deal if they don't like it! LOL.

Tis getting late anyway so I'm off to my bed. Just wanted to update for the day as I was feeling a little neglect-a-bloggle! Naughty me.


Sunday, 6 May 2007

Somewhat Distressed....

....No!! Not me! I located my scrapping mojo hidden under a new scrapping technique - I'm as happy as a pig in...well, you know...what pigs are happy in ;)

My challenge LO however has been distressed to within an inch of it's life. So, I conclude that every article I've ever read about distressing techniques is true - it's Addictive! Once I'd started I just couldn't stop. All the bits got the treatment. The background cardstock was wet, crumbled, ironed and sanded. The photo mat and patterned papers were sanded and inked. The journalling strip was inked and chalked. The title was done using a mask and chalks (and some repo xyron tape) and the stamps weren't full inked so there are bits missing.

It's a Scrapbook Inspirations freebie bonanza on this page - free papers from Rob and Bob Studio and free flower stamps (from some time last year). The journaling reads:

Children Are:

Amazing............acknowledge them them
Childlike............allow them
Divine...............honor them
Energetic..........nourish them
Fallible..............embrace them
Gifts.................treasure them
Here with them
Innocent...........delight with them
Joyful................appreciate them
Kindhearted......learn from them
Lovable..........cherish them with them
Noble................esteem them
Open minded.....respect them
Precious............value them
Questioners.......encourage them them
Spontaneous.....enjoy them
Talented............believe in them
Unique...............affirm them
Vulnerable.........protect them
Whole................recognize them
Xtra special.........celebrate them
Yearning.............notice them
Zany...................laugh with them

I figured it was about time I actually did a LO for one of my own challenges anyway. So there you go. Now.....what new techniques can I find to play with for the next one......


An Armour-Plated Cookie

Apologies to anyone who was trying to post comments and couldn't because they didn't have a blogger account. Jaime's pointed out the fact that my blog was indeed a very well protected cookie! Now it's all fixed, so you've got no excuse.....well, accept for the excuse that you really couldn't give a rat's arse about leaving a comment! LOL.


Attack of the Pom People

Arrghhh!!! The Pom People are coming!!!!

Okay, I think I've officially lost the plot! LOL. This is what Grace and I did yesterday afternoon. She wanted to do some "Doodle-Doing" so, after making a car that actually looked like a car, and a boat that looked nothing like a boat I proposed we make a Pom Person. An entire bag of Pom-poms and a whole Pom Person extended family later and she was a happy camper who played quietly with them for the rest of the afternoon. There must be hundreds of pounds worth of toys in this house and she's happiest with a pom-pom with feet! Bizarre.

We braved a trip to the local park yesterday to test drive the new playground equipment. It's actually pretty good, it has to be said. It would have been perfect had it not been for the group of lads playing football..... IN the playgroup area, that's fenced off. WTF? There's like 3 acres of park field and they're playing in a 40 ft square of tarmac that's full of play equipment. I could kind of (almost) see their thinking because the swings weren't up on one frame so it kind of made the perfect goalpost.....but what's wrong with jumpers for goalposts??? It was good enough when we were kids! (God, I'm such an old duffer!).

So, what else is going on?? We have the snot-monster in residence here at the moment. Gracie's voice keeps going all croaky (very cute) and Ewan's nose is running like a leaky tap. I've even had the scary Nuk-nasal-decongester-gadget-thingiemebob on it. I can't say he was best please. Mind you, I can't say I'd be best pleased if someone tried to vacuum the snot out of my nose either.

I've been very good and organise this last week and have trawled through all my scrapbooking mags (3 years worth - yikes!), took out all the articles I wanted to keep, and the LOs that I was inspired by and put them into a folder (and recycled all the mags - Reduce, Reuse, Recycle! Bob would be so proud! ;)). I'm thinking that maybe a little lever-arch altering is in order - that might prod me into some scrapping action.

I managed to get 5 hair bows made last night (so I have at least done Something!) I just need to make the ones for the twins birthday's and their bow holders for them to go on. I designed a logo for the whole bow making enterprise. I figured if I was starting to make them for other people I could possibly drum up some word of mouth business - gotta be worth a go, right? Sticking with the cookie theme for this (because, well, I like it!). Here's the logo anyway:

I'm a bit disjointed today, sorry. My brain is flitting from one thing to another pretty fast this morning.

Off to the ILs in a bit, as it's Sunday and all. Roll on tomorrow morning when I can have my lie in! Woo hoo!


Saturday, 5 May 2007

Can you hear something????

.... Me neither, and it's heavenly. :)

It's a (rather cold and grim) Saturday morning - where'd the sunshine go? Eh? Kendo is at work, Grace has gone to see Nanny Tish, Ewan is napping and I am enjoying the blissful peace and quiet. I've turned off the TV, the washing machine's not running, the dishwasher's not running (I did briefly try the radio but Neil Diamond was playing *shudder* so that got the boot asap). So I'm just sitting here, chilling, with a hot cup of tea in my favourite mug (I know! Hot! When was the last time I drank tea that hadn't gone lukewarm?) and a couple of choccie biccies thrown in for good measure. Bliss.

Of course, there are a million things I could be doing, like making hair bows for the presents for the birthday party Grace has next week (it would be twins to start the party season off wouldn't it), or housework (yeah right) or even mowing the lawn, but this is far nicer.

It's strange, when I was little, and even when I was a student, I never much cared for the quiet. I was always happier with there was loads going on. I our house you had to be. LOL These days I'm happy for every minute of peace and quiet I can grab. Just to have your brain not distracted by "Mummy I need, Mummy I want, Mummy Ewan has..." or "What have you done with my....." is a blessed relief. Of course, the problem with shutting my brain off for a short period - there's always the danger it won't start back up again!

Do you know. I think I might go and have a mid-morning catnap. Sleeping, in my opinon, is HIGHLY under-rated. We should all do more of it!



Friday, 4 May 2007

Friday Challenges

I've been pondered whether to post these here as well as on BW but then thought - what the hell - it's what I've been thinking about overnight and all morning.

So, here are the BW Scrapbooking challenges for this week:

  • Use doodling on your LO
  • Use a Proverb or Saying on your LO
  • Use a decorative edge on your LO (doesn't matter how it's cut)

It would be rude not to share everything on here that I have on the BW post - so you can have the Cheerleaders too:

The sketch challenge came from the Scrapwitch site and it looks like this:

I supposed I'd better pull my finger out and actually do my own scrapbooking challenges this week! For a change.

Better go hunting for that mojo. So far it's still AWOL!


Thursday, 3 May 2007

One Scrapping Mojo: Missing

I think I must have scrappers burn out from my cybercrop scrapping frenzy. I have seriously lost my scrapping Mojo. I'm sure I left it around here somewhere......maybe I should check behind the fridge?

I was going to say I can't remember the last time I made an original LO, but techincally the Queen of Hearts one and the Pout/Grin ones were original. Maybe I mean I can't remember the last time I made an original LO that I was enthusiatic about. I have moments where I'm hit with the divine scrapping inspiration stick (usually when I'm in bed) but recently the inspirational thwackings have been few and far between.

I hate scrappers block!

I do have a couple (million) other projects in the pipeline so maybe I need to take a break from the scrapping to concentrate on something other craftly.

Friday tomorrow though, so even if I can't inspire myself, I need to get my challenge writing head on to inspire others. I'd better get my thinking cap on too - those BWers are a tough crowd to please ;)


P.S. I couldn't resist the Mojo chews picture.......who remembers those? Banana ones were my favourite. Yum.

Tuesday, 1 May 2007

I've been Tagged

No - I haven't been fitted with an electronic cuff for verbally abusing the staff at Subway!

Rach has tagged me, so ......

The rules are simple.

Each player gives 7 random facts about themselves which they post on their blog along with the rules of the game.

They then choose 7 people to tag and list them. So that they know they've been tagged you have to post a comment on their blogs telling them about and inviting them to look at your blog to find out more.

So, here's 7 stupid and random facts about me (don't you just love this "getting to know you" crap? ;-) ) :

1. I used to play the saxophone, clarinet and flute (albeit not very well).

2. I got married in a black wedding dress.

3. I used to have a huge crush on Steve Irwin (before his run in with an angry stingray).

4. My favourite take out food is Chinese (roast duck and roast pork with fried rice and chip - yum-my).

5. I suffer from Chronic Ideopathic Urticaria - which basically means I get itchy in the heat, I've been doing it for a long time, and they haven't the first clue what causes it.

6. When I grew up I wanted to be a forensic scientist (shame I sucked so badly at chemistry).

7. I always have to sleep on the side of the bed nearest to the door. Not sure why - maybe so I can make a hasty exit in the event of natural disaster?

To steal Rachel's statement - now I need to find 7 people to tag (don't know if I know that many people with blogs).xx

We're out of bread madam.....

Okay, so I'm slacking on the blog updating already. I've got two kids, three if you count Kendo - so sue me.

First off - mini-rant about Subway. Friday's in the Kendrick household is traditionally take out night. This invariably means me going to two different places for food because, after 13 years of being together, Kendo and I can still never agree on which takeout we want to eat. So, the last two Fridays in a row I've been to Subway for Kendo a sandwich.

It's the usual thing. I get out of the car whilst trying to steel myself for the task of asking the pimply adolescent behind the counter for a foot long Italian with beef without sniggering (I know, its juvenille - but it always sound dirty to me. {Note to self: remove mind from gutter}). I get up to the counter and the aforementioned pimply adolescent looks at me with a blank expression and says "I'm sorry madam" - at this point I'm looking round to see who he's talking to - "We've run out of bread". Two points immediately sprang to mind.

#1 He's clearly not in the military, and I'm clearly not a "lady of the night" (well, I hope I'm clearly not anyway) so why the Hell is he calling me "Madam"? and

#2 This is Subway. They sell sandwiches. They bake their own bread for f**k's is it possible that they've RUN OUT!!

I would have thought they'd have learnt from their mistake, but oh no. One Friday on and I'm in there again thinking, well at least they won't have run out of bread this week. Hah! Shows what I know. Slight change of wording this week (different spotty adolescent serving) "we haven't got any bread left". At this point I spied a couple of 6" rolls on the counter (one wheat, one Italian).....there's a queue behind me....and there's another servers coming..... so I practically shouted at the bloke "I'll have those!"....and when I got to the till firmly reminded him that he was only going to charge me for a foot long...not two 6"s. He was not please, but he was afraid. So technically I got a bargain. ;)

Honestly, you wouldn't get service that crap in Dewsbury :)

That's the rant over for the day anyway.

I'm just about recovered from the UKS Madhatter's cybercrop (Go Spades!!) now (although Kendo might take a while longer to recover from watching both kids all weekend). I managed to rack up:

10 layouts

2 mini books

1 book mark

1 altered chipboard monogram

1 altered baby food jar

1 tote charm

1 tag

and a serious number of paper cuts and holes in my fingers from stabbing myself with my paper piercer. My craft room (which I'd tidied over the course of last week to get ready for the crop) looks like a stash bomb exploded in there. The floor is covered with the backing strips off a million pieces of doublesided tape in varying lengths and pieces of patterned paper and cardstock in a myriad of sizes and colours. I had a blast anyway and learnt a couple of important lessons for next time:

1. Be more prepared from the class lists

2. Read the instructions

3. Buy some herma!

4. Get a bigger bin

I can't wait for the summer one now.

I think I'm pretty much all scrapped out for the next couple of weeks though, I think some hair bow making might be the order of the day.