Sunday, 6 May 2007

Attack of the Pom People

Arrghhh!!! The Pom People are coming!!!!

Okay, I think I've officially lost the plot! LOL. This is what Grace and I did yesterday afternoon. She wanted to do some "Doodle-Doing" so, after making a car that actually looked like a car, and a boat that looked nothing like a boat I proposed we make a Pom Person. An entire bag of Pom-poms and a whole Pom Person extended family later and she was a happy camper who played quietly with them for the rest of the afternoon. There must be hundreds of pounds worth of toys in this house and she's happiest with a pom-pom with feet! Bizarre.

We braved a trip to the local park yesterday to test drive the new playground equipment. It's actually pretty good, it has to be said. It would have been perfect had it not been for the group of lads playing football..... IN the playgroup area, that's fenced off. WTF? There's like 3 acres of park field and they're playing in a 40 ft square of tarmac that's full of play equipment. I could kind of (almost) see their thinking because the swings weren't up on one frame so it kind of made the perfect goalpost.....but what's wrong with jumpers for goalposts??? It was good enough when we were kids! (God, I'm such an old duffer!).

So, what else is going on?? We have the snot-monster in residence here at the moment. Gracie's voice keeps going all croaky (very cute) and Ewan's nose is running like a leaky tap. I've even had the scary Nuk-nasal-decongester-gadget-thingiemebob on it. I can't say he was best please. Mind you, I can't say I'd be best pleased if someone tried to vacuum the snot out of my nose either.

I've been very good and organise this last week and have trawled through all my scrapbooking mags (3 years worth - yikes!), took out all the articles I wanted to keep, and the LOs that I was inspired by and put them into a folder (and recycled all the mags - Reduce, Reuse, Recycle! Bob would be so proud! ;)). I'm thinking that maybe a little lever-arch altering is in order - that might prod me into some scrapping action.

I managed to get 5 hair bows made last night (so I have at least done Something!) I just need to make the ones for the twins birthday's and their bow holders for them to go on. I designed a logo for the whole bow making enterprise. I figured if I was starting to make them for other people I could possibly drum up some word of mouth business - gotta be worth a go, right? Sticking with the cookie theme for this (because, well, I like it!). Here's the logo anyway:

I'm a bit disjointed today, sorry. My brain is flitting from one thing to another pretty fast this morning.

Off to the ILs in a bit, as it's Sunday and all. Roll on tomorrow morning when I can have my lie in! Woo hoo!



Rach said...

Arrrrrrggghhhh pom pom people, very cute though! Liking the logo very mucly Marie! Hey if Charlotte would have ANYTHING in her hair I'd snap em up! Maybe Cam would oblige?

Anonymous said...

hmmm.... what does it say about me when i read p*o*r*n people every time you wrote pom people?

Jaime :)

Unknown said...

LOL. Perv!!

That your mind is firmly in the gutter??? ;)

love M