Saturday, 5 May 2007

Can you hear something????

.... Me neither, and it's heavenly. :)

It's a (rather cold and grim) Saturday morning - where'd the sunshine go? Eh? Kendo is at work, Grace has gone to see Nanny Tish, Ewan is napping and I am enjoying the blissful peace and quiet. I've turned off the TV, the washing machine's not running, the dishwasher's not running (I did briefly try the radio but Neil Diamond was playing *shudder* so that got the boot asap). So I'm just sitting here, chilling, with a hot cup of tea in my favourite mug (I know! Hot! When was the last time I drank tea that hadn't gone lukewarm?) and a couple of choccie biccies thrown in for good measure. Bliss.

Of course, there are a million things I could be doing, like making hair bows for the presents for the birthday party Grace has next week (it would be twins to start the party season off wouldn't it), or housework (yeah right) or even mowing the lawn, but this is far nicer.

It's strange, when I was little, and even when I was a student, I never much cared for the quiet. I was always happier with there was loads going on. I our house you had to be. LOL These days I'm happy for every minute of peace and quiet I can grab. Just to have your brain not distracted by "Mummy I need, Mummy I want, Mummy Ewan has..." or "What have you done with my....." is a blessed relief. Of course, the problem with shutting my brain off for a short period - there's always the danger it won't start back up again!

Do you know. I think I might go and have a mid-morning catnap. Sleeping, in my opinon, is HIGHLY under-rated. We should all do more of it!




Rach said...

Ooooh I like the mug! Very funky! Enjoy your hot brew! I have to go to work for one of those - only problem it's machine made cack!

Anonymous said...

gotta love the peace!! hope you enjoyed your catnap!

Jaime (JJ&L)