Tuesday, 15 May 2007

Cupcake Heaven!!

It's official. I have died and gone to cupcake heaven!!

I've been eyeing up the recipe for Gingerbread Latte Cupcakes on Shimelle's blog since she posted it (I think I might be her stalker! LOL - me and a couple of thousand other people Winky) so I thought I would buy some stuff and give them a try tonight.
THEY ARE GORGEOUS!!! No....really, really, GORGEOUS!!!

Unfortunatley I should have read the recipe properly.... and double checked the quantities......because my kitchen is now drowning in a sea of gorgeous cupcakes (not that that's a bad thing!). I'm going to have to send some to work with Kendo tomorrow and take some to the ILs in the afternoon too (or my arse will be 5 times wider that it is already Winky ).

The left over mix would have made a great slab cake too - if I'd remembered to grease the tin before I baked it. What's the saying.... more haste, less speed? Now the slab cake is a gooey, crumbly, gingerbread scrummy mess.....but that hasn't stopped Kendo from scoffing it by the handful. I don't think this new found baking kick is going to do his diet any good, and he was doing so well as well. Awwwww.

Grace is slightly better today (still a super whinge bag, but much more lively). Hopefully she'll be well enough for school tomorrow because it's photo day, and hopefully she won't keep me awake half the night again - I really don't have the stamina for hourly wakings! At least I'll have the cupcakes to build up my strength in the morning. Smile

You can, of course, find the recipe on Shimelle's blog www.shimelle.com...... and you really, really should!



Anonymous said...

Noooooo dont share them with family Marie.. share them with all of us BWers who are now drooling all over our computers!

They look great!


Anonymous said...

Marie - they look awesome and better your hubby's bum get bigger than miine eh? will be drooling over them for a while now

Deb (in Oz of course)

Anonymous said...

mmmmm..... not so sure on the latte part but i LOVE gingerbread!!

Anonymous said...

me too me too! I want to slobber with helen and deb....they look positively DIVINE! mmmm

#2 xo

Unknown said...

ROFL #2 - took me a while to work out who that message was from!;) D'oh! love #1

Rach said...

why oh why did I ignore the warnings? They look yuuuuuuuuuum!