Friday, 4 May 2007

Friday Challenges

I've been pondered whether to post these here as well as on BW but then thought - what the hell - it's what I've been thinking about overnight and all morning.

So, here are the BW Scrapbooking challenges for this week:

  • Use doodling on your LO
  • Use a Proverb or Saying on your LO
  • Use a decorative edge on your LO (doesn't matter how it's cut)

It would be rude not to share everything on here that I have on the BW post - so you can have the Cheerleaders too:

The sketch challenge came from the Scrapwitch site and it looks like this:

I supposed I'd better pull my finger out and actually do my own scrapbooking challenges this week! For a change.

Better go hunting for that mojo. So far it's still AWOL!



Rach said...

Ooooh sneaky bird - I've been checking out the Craft Corner board and nothing! Good idea though! :D

Unknown said...

They're on the craft board - posted them there first. Can't see for looking?? ;)