Friday, 11 May 2007

Friday Challenges

What can I say? I'm not very inspired to inspire this Friday. Both kids have colds (Gracie is a serious grump) so my brain is cabbaged from dealing with a barrage of constant grumbling.

I've gone with this weeks pencillines sketch for the sketch challenge, which is here (

The scrapbooking challenge is a mixed bag this week with an either/or option:


Make a mini album/tag book/maze book/matchbook i.e. something other than a standard LO.

OR (If you just want to do a LO):

Use a Heart somewhere on your LO
Use a Tag on your LO
Use fabric on your LO

Hope everyone has fun with them.



Rach said...

This might be the kick I need to get PL 31 done! :D

Unknown said...

I thought of you when I was posting it Rach ;)

Rach said...


OK, being blonde and dim (as I am), the mini album for the challenge - do we have to fill the album too, or just make it? Can't the filling bit be next week's challenge? ;D

Unknown said...

LOL Rach. I hadn't really thought about it. Make it this week, fill it next week sounds like a good deal!! :)