Tuesday, 22 May 2007

"Giz A Job"

Well, my interview is over and done with. It actually went really well (and was possibly the shortest interview I've ever had, clocking in at a measly 17 minutes! LOL). The two women who interviewed me seemed lovely and the office itself is nice. Apparently they've interviewed 3 or 4 people sent by the job centre who were under the impression that the job was full time (someone made a boo boo it seems) so that's eliminated some of the competition. Hopefully my witty reparte and stirling interview performance (yeah, right!) was enough to convince them. As Yosser would say "Giz A Job". The manager is going on holiday tomorrow and wants it sorted before she goes so I should find out tomorrow if I've got it (which is good) and they want someone to start ASAP so I assume it will be after the Bank Holiday - knowing my luck, if I get it they'll want me to start on the Tuesday -which just happens to be my birthday! I'll have to take cupcakes in with me if I do :)

On the topic of which...... Kendo has his exam tonight (6pm, for 3 hours, and it's in bloody Leek of all places.... bizarre) so I'll be all on my lonesome this evening, which is probably the perfect excuse to get some scrapping done and maybe whip up some lemon cupcakes.

I really need to do the BW scraplift.....sorry BW ladies for holding everyone up!! I have an idea for it - I just need to print some photos, and choose some papers, and find some embellies.......er.....well....maybe I'm not as organised as I thought! LOL.

Right, I'm off to make the most of Ewan's nap and Grace-at-school time to have a nice cuppa and work out what I'm going to put in these cupcakes.


Rach said...

So glad the interview went well. Fingers crossed for tomorrow xx

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