Wednesday, 9 May 2007

Hark at me - HTML editing lady!

Well, as you can probably tell, I've had great fun today editing the HTML script on my blog to customise it. It was easier than I thought actually and loads of fun getting the custom background and header in, as well as shuffling things about some.

Gracie was back at school today (thank heaven's!) so a nice quiet afternoon with just me and Ewan (who's holding up remarkably well considering he's getting his top teeth through at the moment and is still full of a cold).

I've come over all Martha Stewart this evening and I have Rolo cookies baking in the oven (I wish they'd invented smelli-blogging because the smell wafting in from the kitchen is to die for!). If they come out okay and not a gooey mess then I'll post the recipe and some pics (assuming I don't eat them all first :)). After licking the mixing bowl clean though (everyone does that....right?) I suspect that they might be rather rich - but still delicious.

I've been ousted from my laptop tonight while Kendo does some revision for his cement/concrete/mixing hard things in a bucket course, so I might try to get some scrapping done. That's if I can move after stuffing my face with Rolo cookies - which have just some out of the oven, and look scrummy.

Back soon with the Rolo cookie recipe..... watch this space.