Saturday, 12 May 2007

It's Meatloaf night!!

No....... Not this one......

This one......

I'm going to see MEATLOAF in concert at the M.E.N. tonight - woo hoo!!

I'm getting really excited now. I've never seen him live so I can't wait. It only feels like a few days ago we were getting the tickets from my SILs for Christmas, when May 12th seemed like an eternity away, and now it's here.

Grace is still poorly today (although her temp is better than yesterday). Strange that she's mysteriously well all of a sudden when there's any mention of Megan and Olivia's birthday party this afternoon. Hmmmm. ;) I've told her we'll go for an hour, so that's cheered her up a bit.

Ewan's testing out a whole new range of noises today. He's currently having a post-lunch yodel in his chair and laughing at Gracie (coz who wouldn't?? She's such a loon!).

Hopefully they'll both be on their best behaviour tonight as Nanny Tish is on duty for bedtime.

I'll probably be back later, on a post-Meatloaf high, to give an update on the gig.



Rach said...

Hope you had a fab time last night! x