Tuesday, 22 May 2007

If life gives you lemons, make....

Lemon and Lime Cupcakes
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Lemon and Lime Cupcakes :) because they're yummy!!!

So, this is my first time out adapting my own cupcake recipe, and they came out pretty damn fine! Here's the recipe (apologies to any UK ladies because the recipe it's adapted from was in cups):

Lemon and Lime Cupcakes

For the Cakes:

4oz unsalted butter
1 3/4 cups of caster sugar
2 lg Eggs
1/2 tsp Salt
21/5 tsp Baking Powder
3 cups Plain Flour
1 cup Milk
1/3 Cup of Lemon and Lime Juice*
Zest of 2 Lemons
Rose's Lemon and Lime Marmalade (for the filling)
Supercook Lemon Jellies (to decorate) - I found these at Tesco in the home baking aisle

*I used the juice of the two lemons I zested and made up to a 1/3 cup with Lime Juice

• Beat the butter until soft (about 30 secs)
• Add the sugard and beat until light and fluffy (for about 3 mins)
• Add the eggs one at a time beating for 30 secs after each one
• Add the sifted flour, baking powder and salt
• Mix with a wooden spoon until combined
• Add the lemon and lime juice, zest and milk and mix well
• Fill the cake cases to about 2/3 full
• Bake for 22-25 mins at 350F, 180C, Gas Mark 4
• Leave to cool on a wire rack

For the Icing:

200g Unsalted butter
200-250g Icing Sugar (start with 200 and add more to taste if needed, the sweetness fades over time so it will start to taste more buttery if you don't add enough)
2 tblsp Double Cream
1tsp Lemon Extract
1/2tsp Yellow food colouring (optional)

• Beat butter until fluffy
• Add the cream and lemon extract and beat until combined
• Add the sifted Icing sugar and beat until combined
• Add the food colouring and beat until even

Assembling the cakes:
Once the cakes are cooled, use a melon baller to scoop out a dent in the top of the cake. Add a half tsp of the lemon and lime marmalade and replace the top. Pipe on the icing. Add a jellied lemon.

I used muffin cases and a muffin pan to make these (and it made about 22 cakes). If you used normal cake cakes it would probably make about 36.

The original recipe was from Chockylit’s cupcake blog.

The cake was a little dry on it’s own but the marmalade and the buttercream soon sorts that out.

I’ll definitely be trying this recipe adapting thing again – it was great fun.



Unknown said...

good Lord woman!! i'm going to gain 20 pounds just from READING your blog!! :) are you actually eating all of these, or are you just about ready to stock a shop somewhere??

Unknown said...

LOL Jaime! I'm restricting myself to one or two of each ;) By the time my parents, the ILs and DHs work have had some that doesn't leave many left anyway. love M

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