Saturday, 19 May 2007

Mint Chocolatey Goodness!!

Mint Chocolate Cupcakes

Mmmmmmm..... Minty Chocolatey Yumminess abounds in these :)

I have to say that the cake itself didn't turn out as nice as the gingerbread ones (but I am a sucker for gingerbread) but combined with the mint buttercream and the chocolate ganache (isn't that a great word??) these are supremely delicious.

Recipe from Shimelle (again) - I not have an original thought??? Maybe next I mean Saturday..... there's an idea for a lemon and lime slab cake cooking in my head.

So, aside from the cupcake making what else has been going on around here?

Well, I managed to inflict a not-so-mortal craft wound on myself by slicing my finger open on a craft knife (don't panic - I was careful not to bleed in the cake mix! ;)) The cut is right across my nail bed though, which is particularly gross and made me feel all wibbly at just the thought of it. I'm just hoping my nail is going to survive intact and not go all weird and horrible *shudder*. Clearly I shouldn't be trusted around sharp implements.

In a moment of madness this weekend Kendo has convinced me to buy tickets for us (Kendo, Gracie and me) to go and see Scooby Doo:Live on Stage at the Liverpool Empire tomorrow (the 1pm matinee). We haven't told Grace yet so I can't wait to see her face when she realises where we're going (although she'll probably be disappointed that it's not a pantomine!). More on that tomorrow.

There'll be no scrapping for me tomorrow - I have to be a good little interview-going-person and read all the blurb from the website for the housing association place. I'm sure that I'll once more be thanking TPTB for my amazing memory for absolute crap information (all be it only retained until it's no longer needed - well, it got me through 4 years of University!).

Just about time for my bed I think.



Rach said...

More yummy cakes. I'm putting on weight just looking at your blog! Enjoy scooby doo!


Anonymous said...

Because I'm crap and I'll probably forget on the day, best of british for Tuesday hun!! I'll be sending all my getting job vibes over the hills!!

Anonymous said...

BTW, that's not from Anon, that's from me!!