Friday, 25 May 2007

A Most Peculiar Morning

The post-job-not-getting pity party is over, you'll be pleased
to know. I'm feeling much more philosophical about the whole thing. Serves them right that they won't get to enjoy scrummy Friday cupcakes if you ask me. I have a couple more application forms en route to me, so we shall see what's around the corner.

I have had the most peculiar morning this morning. I had to get up early to grab a shower and wash (and dry) my hair - mostly on account of me looking like I'd been dragged through a deep fat fryer backwards -Yuk! So I was up and about, all clean and showered and refreshed..... then realised that the kids were both still fast asleep (Kendo had left for work). So, it's 8.20, they're both still in bed and I'm blogging with a nice cup of tea and some peace and quiet before the madness of the day begins. There could be something in this "getting up early" malarkey you know.

On a totally different note, the post job blues did necessitate me making something crafty - which always makes me feel better - and as I wanted to make something comfy and cosy that meant grabbing the knitting needles. 10 stitches and 15 inches later and these are what we have - knitted Alice bands (courtesy of Shimelle (again!)). They're quite cute actually. I made this one for Grace (although as you can see she's less than impressed with me making her try it on while Scooby Doo was on!) and a purple one and a black and white one for me.

More on that later....peace it over it seems, both kids awake and shouting!!



Rach said...

So cute - hmmm note to self MUST LEARN TO KNIT!

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