Wednesday, 16 May 2007

My Red-Eyed Girl

Well - it's all fun and games around here today.... NOT!

Poor Gracie has developed viral conjunctivitis - as if her ear infection wasn't bad enough. Her eyes look so red and sore. Poor bunny :( She's gutted because she missed her school photo today as well. She's really not having the best of luck with school events - she already missed the school play and Christmas party because she had a gastric bug.

Ewan is still well (so far!) although he's a bit chesty too. A right pair of sickly babies I have at home at the moment.

Me? I'm just knackered from only getting about 14 hours sleep over the last 4 nights. How do people deal with kids who don't sleep all the time??? I'm obviously spoilt and have gotten far too used to my full 8 hours.

I was going to do some scrapping tonight - but I'm just too knackered to even get my head around starting a page. Then I thought I would finish the patchwork tote - but that involved dragging the sewing machine out - which involved having some energy. So that idea got binned as well. I settled on surfing for some more yummy cupcake recipes - so I think I'm going to try the mint chocolate one next...with After Eight mints. They sound delish :)

I really need to get some scrapping done....... sometime. It's the Haydock crop on Saturday, but of course Kendo's working (why wouldn't he be?) so I don't know if I'll make it (that'll be about the 4th in a row I've missed I think Rolling Eyes ).

That's about enough from me for tonight I think... definitely time for an early night - before Gracie wakes me up every hour!!



Rach said...

Poor babies, give them hugs from Auntie Rach xx

Rach said...

How are they both today? Have you had any more sleep hun?