Saturday, 19 May 2007

Ready, Steady....GO!

I've had this project on the back burner for a (long) while. I bought a sarabinder, pockets and dividers with the intention of making a new ideas journal for jotting down my sketch/LO/sewing ideas. They've been sat in the jiffy bag they were delivered in for about 4 months (or more) - that pesky life getting in the way of my crafting again!

Jane (my UKS "PaperAddicts" Teammate) pointed my in the direction of a great new scrapbook inspiration blog recently (at They are basically giving a one word prompt every fortnight to give some inspiration for scrapping/crafting.

The first prompt, to kick things off quite aptly was "Go". My first thought on that was immediately "Go Create" so I figured it would be the perfect start for my ideas journal. It was also a great way to finally use the BG Color Me Silly papers and monograms that I've had for over a year and have yet to do anything with (they don't really fit my scrapping style, but I love looking at them! - Bad scrap stash shopping methods! LOL). Now I'm justified in my purchase because I think they're great for this project, and I get to look at the yummy colours all the time to inspire me :)

The outside of the binder is covered with the "Believe" paper and the spine is covered with the "Enjoy" paper. On the inside of the binder I've used the "play" paper and the dividers and pockets are covered in a selection of the following paper: Believe, Play, Enjoy, Laugh, Doodle and Discover. I've used the large BG monograms for the "GO" and the smaller ones for the words on the front and the lettering on the dividers. I've outlined the smaller ones in black pen to make them stand out more and added a little bit of doodling on the "GO" monograms.

The dividers are labelled with:

Layout ideas
Sketch ideas
Sewing ideas

I'm really pleased with how this has turned out, now I'm just hoping I get enough inspiration to fill it with ideas and that it doesn't sit neglected on my desk!



JaneH said...

Wow...fab idea, Marie! Love the colours, papers, etc. as well as the concept.

Anonymous said...

Marie, I love this!! I could really do with one of these to jot down all the weekly challenges a certain friend of mine sets me! Where did you get the sarabinder etc from?

Unknown said...

Lou - definitely DON'T buy the sarabinder from where I bought mine - because the service was crap and I waited over 2 weeks for it! I'll find somewhere that sells them and let you know :x

love M

Paula J Atkinson said...

Clever use for this binder.

elizabeth said...

this is friggin awesome!
i absolutely love it :)

cinnibonbon said...

Love, love , love this idea! Way to "go"

Lynn said...

This is gorgeous! Good job!

one little word

Anonymous said...

it looks amazing!! just a couple questions:

1. what is a serabinder?

2. is that really paper on the outside of the binder? it looks like cloth! but if it's paper, are you worried about it tearing?


Unknown said...

Jaime. A "sarabinder" is a blank chipboard binder (named after the woman who marketed them). Basically like a filofax but plain so you can alter it yourself.

Find out all about them here:

The paper is by Basic Grey (their Color Me Silly range). It's really thick (probably more cardstock than paper tbh) so there was no problem with it tearing.

love M

Leah said...

Love that paper! Such a cute book!

Unknown said...

Fantastic idea, looks great love those papers!!