Monday, 14 May 2007

Sick Babies and Superstars

Well, I would have been on earlier extoling the virtues of Meatloaf live - but Gracie has an ear infection so I've been busy looking after my poorly baby :(

The gig was really good. Meatloaf is excellent and puts on an amazing stage show. The only downside was I expected the crowd to be.....well.....a little more enthusiastic! We were surrounded by a right bunch of miserable old duffers (with the exception of the woman sat next to Kerry - who apologised as soon as Kerry sat down, for what she was going to do! LOL). Granted we were in the sat in the sloping bits around the side (not in the Gods but still on a pretty steep incline) so all out headbanging wasn't really an option - unless you fancied taking a header down a 40 foot drop, but there's something just not right about sitting there sedately why Meaty rocks out on a stage in front of you.

I felt I had to take matters into my own hands when he played Bat Out Of Hell and point blankly refused to stay seated for it! Thankfully a couple of other people had the same idea and so everyone eventually had to stand up or risk staring at someone's arse for the remainder of the concert (serves the old gits right if you ask me).

I'd definitley go again - but only with a standing ticket. Sitting in a rock gig is just WRONG!

I'm totally knackered today after getting about 3 hours sleep last night. Grace was awake every half hour or so, so no sooner had I nodded off and I was awake again. I feel like I've got a newborn to deal with all over again - and I'm thus reminded of one of the reasons I'm never doing that again! Hopefully she'll be up to going to school tomorrow (those antibiotics had better be kicking in by then!) because she's driven me barmy this afternoon by being in one of those "I'm not so sick that I can't whine, but I'm too sick to be happy" kind of moods. I guess I should be grateful that Ewan's okay and has been a total superstar all day. Bless him.

I found a nice email in my Googlemail box yesterday inviting me for interview for the housing association job I've applied for - which means I'd better go digging in my wardrobe for something resembling a work outfit. Although, at the moment, anything that's doesn't smell of poopie or baby puke would be an improvement on my usual attire. The interview is Tuesday 22nd at 12pm. Fingers crossed, eh?

I was in a "making something" kind of a mood earlier tonight (somehow having made something in an evening always makes me feel better), but I wasn't in a papercrafting kind of place so I dragged the sewing machine out and made a start on a patchwork totebag. Then my headache (from listening to "waaaaa waaaaaa waaaaaa waaaaaa waaaaaa" all day long) got the better of me so it's gone back in the bag half finished and my "make me" buzz has gone :( I hate it when that happens.

Okay, that's practically war and peace so that's about enough from me for tonight. Shower, bed and a good book are on the agenda I think.



Anonymous said...

i just really like the word "duffer" & need to use it more often! LOL have managed to incorporate snarky into everyday sentences so far...

Rach said...

Oooooh fingers crossed for the interview xxx

Unknown said...

LOL Jaime. I'm glad to see we're expanding your vocabulary :) See - educational AND entertain! What more could you want from a blog?? ;)