Tuesday, 1 May 2007

We're out of bread madam.....

Okay, so I'm slacking on the blog updating already. I've got two kids, three if you count Kendo - so sue me.

First off - mini-rant about Subway. Friday's in the Kendrick household is traditionally take out night. This invariably means me going to two different places for food because, after 13 years of being together, Kendo and I can still never agree on which takeout we want to eat. So, the last two Fridays in a row I've been to Subway for Kendo a sandwich.

It's the usual thing. I get out of the car whilst trying to steel myself for the task of asking the pimply adolescent behind the counter for a foot long Italian with beef without sniggering (I know, its juvenille - but it always sound dirty to me. {Note to self: remove mind from gutter}). I get up to the counter and the aforementioned pimply adolescent looks at me with a blank expression and says "I'm sorry madam" - at this point I'm looking round to see who he's talking to - "We've run out of bread". Two points immediately sprang to mind.

#1 He's clearly not in the military, and I'm clearly not a "lady of the night" (well, I hope I'm clearly not anyway) so why the Hell is he calling me "Madam"? and

#2 This is Subway. They sell sandwiches. They bake their own bread for f**k's sake....how is it possible that they've RUN OUT!!

I would have thought they'd have learnt from their mistake, but oh no. One Friday on and I'm in there again thinking, well at least they won't have run out of bread this week. Hah! Shows what I know. Slight change of wording this week (different spotty adolescent serving) "we haven't got any bread left". At this point I spied a couple of 6" rolls on the counter (one wheat, one Italian).....there's a queue behind me....and there's another servers coming..... so I practically shouted at the bloke "I'll have those!"....and when I got to the till firmly reminded him that he was only going to charge me for a foot long...not two 6"s. He was not please, but he was afraid. So technically I got a bargain. ;)

Honestly, you wouldn't get service that crap in Dewsbury :)

That's the rant over for the day anyway.

I'm just about recovered from the UKS Madhatter's cybercrop (Go Spades!!) now (although Kendo might take a while longer to recover from watching both kids all weekend). I managed to rack up:

10 layouts

2 mini books

1 book mark

1 altered chipboard monogram

1 altered baby food jar

1 tote charm

1 tag

and a serious number of paper cuts and holes in my fingers from stabbing myself with my paper piercer. My craft room (which I'd tidied over the course of last week to get ready for the crop) looks like a stash bomb exploded in there. The floor is covered with the backing strips off a million pieces of doublesided tape in varying lengths and pieces of patterned paper and cardstock in a myriad of sizes and colours. I had a blast anyway and learnt a couple of important lessons for next time:

1. Be more prepared from the class lists

2. Read the instructions

3. Buy some herma!

4. Get a bigger bin

I can't wait for the summer one now.

I think I'm pretty much all scrapped out for the next couple of weeks though, I think some hair bow making might be the order of the day.



Rach said...

Wow Marie - you were busy over the weekend!

Also - don't forget I've tagged you - trundle over to my blog to find out more xx