Thursday, 10 May 2007

What's New Pussycat??

Fimo pussy cat birthday cards - that's what!

Courtesy of Papercraft Inspirations Mag this month. There was a great idea for cards with little marbled Fimo cats on them. So, as I had some Fimo laying around (I have no idea from what!!) I thought I'd given them a go, and I have to say they've come out great. I'm so pleased with them. If they weren't personalised I might even want to keep them! Probably less trouble than the real pussy cat - not that that would be difficult. A pack of wild coyotes would be less trouble than Scully.

That's just about enough card making for tonight though - off to my bed with the last 3 chapters of my book (The Good, The Bad and The Undead by Kim Harrison - so good I've read it twice ;)).

They had no Rolos in the shop today, so the cookie update will have to wait until after the weekend..... birthday party and Meatloaf gig on Saturday!



Rach said...

Fab cards Marie - love em!

Rach xx

Anonymous said...

love the kitty in the window! new blog design is nice, but a bit cruel to taunt us all with cookies!! LOL