Wednesday, 23 May 2007

Would you like fries with that?

Well, I didn't get the housing association job. So right now that's what my career prospects feel like. Okay, so that might be a little melodramatic...... Do you think maybe they'd hire me at Subway?? Hmmm.... possibly not - well, except maybe as a bouncer :P
I'm completely bummed out because the location and the role and the hours were just what I was looking for and now I've got the task of trawling through job ads and websites and dealing with the hideousness that is employment agencies. Sigh. Serves me right really - as my Grandmother would have said I shouldn't have put all my eggs in one basket (although what eggs would have to do with it I don't know - except maybe the fact that I could happily lob a couple of dozen at their office building right now....or that they're nice on a McMuffin ;)).
I was going to do some scrapping tonight - mostly on account of me having fleed from the living room and the horror that is UEFA cup football (is that what it is??? I don't even know! LOL). I will say once again what I always say when it comes to footie. Twenty two men fighting over one ball - give 'em a ball each - problem solved.
So, in light of the self inflicted banishment to the conservatory I thought I would do the BW scraplift challenge - but I can't seem to find the energy to print my photos, let alone scrap them. Probably something to do with the huge Chinese takeaway I've just scoffed to drown my sorrows :)
Maybe I should make cupcakes? Cheesy ones perhaps..... to go with my whine?? ;)
That's about enough of my pity party I think - I'll come back when I've got something nice to say ;)