Monday, 11 June 2007

Back To School Today! Woo Hoo!

I don't think I've ever been so glad to see a Monday :)

Gracie's back at nursery today after two weeks off for the Whit holidays, which is a good job, because the Cabin Fever had truely started to set in and we were driving each other crazy. So it's back to school this afternoon for her, and two and a half hours with just one munchkin to chase around after for me (heaven!).

Nevermind Gracie going back to school though. Apparently I could do with a few spelling and grammar lessons myself seeing as I've had my darling husband calling me from work this morning to tell me that I've misspelt something in a previous post. Er... hello??? Do some work while you're at work Mister! :P

The health kick is starting today so it'll be healthy lunch and dinner, no beers this evening and going for a family walk after we've eaten tonight - gotta be getting exercise. I was even going to try to drink enough water today (although how you're supposed to fit in 8 glasses a day without having to permanently relocate to the bathroom I'll never know. Bladder the size of a pea, me.). I did find this online this morning which was an interesting counter argument to the whole 8 glasses thing.'s on the internet... it MUST be true, Right?? ;)

I don't know about water, but I'm sure its definitley time for a cup of tea (isn't it always), so I'm off to make one.

I'm also thinking about a little making things project at the moment. I promised you BW crafty ladies some online projects a while back so I'll post this one when I've had a think about the details (and made it).



Lou said...

As your health kick sargeant major I've just come on to say "Ek, drop and give me 20!"

Er, 8 glasses of water, what do you think's in the 5 gallons of tea you drink a day lady?!

Unknown said...

LOL - well, I figured I couldn't really count the tea as it's a serious diuretic so it's pretty much a one in, one out process when it comes to tea drinking (for me anyway :)).

How excited are you about your big date with Slash tonight btw??


Lou said...

Ah you know, take it or leave it! Honest Guv!! How I've not thrown up yet I don't know!!

I think if you drink decaff tea it doesn't have all the diudoodahs in?

Unknown said...

But why would you??? It's like tea with all the life force forcibly sucked out of it :P

love M

RachelC said...

I like the new layout of your blog Marie!