Monday, 4 June 2007

The Best Laid Plans!

Ewan sleeping

If only he looked like this all the time!!

We had a lovely day today in Leeds with Lou, Emily and Xander. The weather wasn't stunning, but was dry and warmish so we had our garden pic-er-nic which Gracie loved. Emily and Grace did their usual trick of fighting most the time they're together and then whining when it's time to go home (there's just no pleasing 3 and 5 year old girls is there!). It was great to see them all (it's been a while) even if Lou and I did spend most of the day saying "Grace/Emily BE NICE!". Xander and Ewan got along great and bonded well over some mutual drooling, shared soggy breadstick crumbs and the trials of having an older sister. God help us when the two of them start running around the place!! I only managed to get one picture from the day (for some reason the other ones I took haven't come out (another good excuse for a new camera!)) but this is Grace and Emily "sharing" Ewan:


So, after a lovely day out I had big scrapping plans for this evening. Which have been completely scuppered by a very grumpy Ewan refusing to go to sleep until 8.15pm and then waking up again hungry at 9pm because he only had 2 oz of his before bed bottle! So here I am at 9.26 and I haven't even started Karen's album. I know that Ewan's routine needs tweaking somewhere along the way so I think I'm going to have to chalk tonight up as a scrapping write off, dig out my Babywhisperer book and sort a newly shuffled routine to try for tomorrow and try and get an early night. Ah well, The best laid plans, as they say.



Lou said...

Oh Marie, I love both those pictures! Make no wonder Ewan couldn't sleep, he probably still had Gracie and Emily's screaming ringing round his head!!

Great to see you hun and hope you get a good night's sleep and a good night's scrapping tomorrow!!