Wednesday, 6 June 2007

Did you see the size of that Monkey??


You see.

It happened like this.

I was making the mini album last night, as per yesterday's proposed crafty schedule. I've made the body of the album (sneak peak of that in the photo) and I was about to print the photos off and decorate it. Then I kind of got sidetracked by this little guy:


IT'S A SOCK MONKEY!!! How cool is that? A monkey, made from socks!

(my God, I'm easily amusing! LOL)

I saw this one on the Happy Bunny Designs blog and decided I had to make one, because they're just too cute. Gemma from Happy Bunny kindly pointed me in the direction of some web destructions on how to make one (thanks Gemma), which you can find here and I also found some instructions for ones with the traditional Rockford Red Heeled Socks but they're basically the same.

Kendo has named our Sock Monkey "Fred" in honour of the imaginary monkey that lives on Grace's head and usually causes lots of trouble (probably best not to ask about that, it's a Daddy/Gracie thing!). He came out pretty good for a first try, but I think his tail is a bit thick. I'm anticipating an emergency "Tailectomy" at some point in Fred's very near future. I'll let you know when his surgery's been scheduled.

I'm taking Ewan swimming for the first time today. We're going to Aquatots with Sandra and Melissa. I'm not sure what he's going to make of it - hopefully he'll be pragmatic about the whole thing and just look on it like a big, cool, slightly chlorine-stinky bath :) It should be fun anyway. I just have to work out how to fit it around his new schedule (which seemed to work much better yesterday). I'm sure it'll all work out along the way. Grace is going to Nanny Tish's while we go swimming, I told her a slight porkie, that I was taking Ewan to clinic, so she won't have a flid that she can't go to the pool. Naughty Mummy.

and Kendo - stop checking up on me and do some bloody work :P



Anonymous said...

shh, im not checking up on you im stalking you....

and yes, you are easily amusing!

Gemma* said...

cool - glad the instructions were helpful!

Hope the swimming went well . . .