Saturday, 9 June 2007

Headaches, Pic-er-nics and In-Car Puking.

I woke up with a pounding headache this morning, and the day pretty much progressed downhill from there (although there were a few highlights :)).

After calling to cancel having friends round this evening (sorry Karen and Ste), because, lets face it, when you have two small people in the house and wake up with a headache you can pretty much put money on the fact that it's not going to get better as the day goes on ;) I spent most of the morning trying to keep Gracie down to a dull roar and make sure Ewan didn't have anything to scream about (like - I can't reach my toy, I can't reach Gracie's toy, I've just chewed this toy and now my gums hurt..etc..etc) Kendo came home from work early (thank the powers that be!) and we decided to take the kids to the park to keep them occupied for a bit,

Enter MUMMY MODE aka there's bog all in the fridge but I've manage to rustle up an emergency picnic for 4 (well, three and a bit) in ten minutes (Do you think they secretly programme us with these abilities in the delivery room in a Matrix style procedure? I certainly couldn't do crap like that before I had kids).

So, off we trundled to the park (via Craft Central for some emergency stash shopping - how is it possible that in a 5 inch stack of patterned paper I can't find one sheet to fit a layout I want to do? Hmmmm) and set out our pic-er-nic. (This was a highlight, in case you haven't guessed). Kendo and Gracie had some great fun running around the field playing ball:

Playing ball in the park

While Ewan and I played on the picnic blanket:

Smiley Ewan in the park

The look of intense concent

Things were looking up at that point (headache was still there, but I was distracted by the pic-er-nicky type fun) until I went to put the rubbish in the bin (socially responsible Mummy that I am LOL). I was about half way there when Gracie proceeded to chuck up pretty much her entire lunch - mostly onto her shoes. Nice!

We had a quick clean up and loaded everyone and everything into the car. We'd driven about a mile and a half when she was sick again. IN THE CAR! How nice does it smell in there now, given the fact it's been about 25 degrees all afternoon? Lovely - NOT!

At this point, Kendo is leaning over the back seat holding the emergency potty (hey, sometimes a girls just gotta go - and sometimes Grace can't hold it either ;)) which thankfully happened to be in the back seat) under Gracie's mouth while she puked up the little that she had left (mostly just the water she'd topped up on Thank God!).

So, here's the picture. I'm driving, Gracie's puking, Kendo's almost dislocating his arm bending behind him try to catch puke in a potty.... and then come the speed bumps. Ooops. Lets just say there were a few choice words from Kendo at the first one when half the contents of the puke potty spilled out onto his hand, and a couple of threats that he was going to pay me back as I managed to hit every one on the way home (and there are LOTS). Ewan was happily watching the whole scene play out from his car seat with an amused expression on his face. Cheeky little monkey :)

I do have to wonder if this might have had something to do with the puking:
The reason for the puking?

Fast forward to bedtime. Ewan took the best part of an hour to get to sleep (I was no help, clearly I'm having a bad Mummy day). I can't decided if its the teething (seeing as he's getting another 2 through, which will make 4 in the space of a week and half) or if it's the heat or if it's separation anxiety. Or indeed a combination of all three. *SIGH*

I decided that I'd chill out with a nice bit of scrapping which was going okay until Ewan woke up again at a most inopportune heat embossing moment. Two wakings and an hour and a half later and then came the craft knife incident (see previous post). I was almost finished with my LO... and managed to bleed on the damn thing!! Arggghhh!! On the positive side, it does have a red, black and white thing going on, so at least I bled within my colour scheme ;)

This is the layout (you can't see the blood spot (thankfully) - yey for bleeding on black paper!):

Trouble Brewing LO

I was seriously wishing that I lived next door to Rach when it came to the journalling so I could have nipped next door and borrowed her lovely new Banana Frog journalling stamps (note to self: must get me some of those).

I've really pleased with how the LO turned up. I solved the "no suitable patterned paper" problem on this one... because I haven't used any LOL.

Right. I think it's about time I was off to my bed. Hopefully I'll wake up without a headache tomorrow and things might start off on the right foot. On the plus side, my MIL is cooking roast lamb tomorrow (my absolute fave) so things are looking up already :)



RachelC said...

Well, I am ROFL. Sorry about the down sides of your day, but the up sides certainly made up for it. I love the LO! I might just have to steal the whole thing, just replace my kids and their names ;)

Hope tomorrow is a better day!

Anonymous said...

Sorry i'm LOL too, speed bumps hehehe. Love love love the LO and kindly enlighten us how you made yer letters all shiny?

Does it still count as stalking if we leave a comment?

love ya!
Miche xxx

Rach said...

The speed bumps cracked me up too - sorry Kendo! LOL!

The LO is gorgeous Marie! x

Unknown said...

LOL Miche - leaving comments has escalated you to a whole new level of stalking (but I much prefer it when you do ;)).

The letters were coated chipboard (white) to begin with. I inked them with a red ink pad (an "Ink it up" one in True Red) and then put three coats of clear embossing powder on them (to do that you ink,then sprinkle the powder, then heat with your heat gun, then give it another dunking in the powder while the first layers still wet..and so on). Then you get a nice shiny finish. You just need to make sure you don't have any airbubbles and that you melt all of the powder properly on each layer.

Is this the longest comment EVER?? LOL

love M

Rach said...

Mrs Posh blog! I like it!

LOL we're doing the same thing, sorting our posts with labels - thought I'd better do something before I get totally lost with where I'm up to!


Anonymous said...

OK--I never comment on people's blogs (guess that is a little stalkerish), but had to--I'm sorry you had such a rough day, but those are the days that make the best stories! Thanks for giving me a laugh :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks Marie!

sorry it took so long to actually get back on here and write, lovely though lots to read! xxx