Friday, 22 June 2007

Hi-De-Hi??..... more like Hi-De-NOOO!!!!

First off, apologies for taking so long to getting round to posting something. It's been such a busy old week what with holiday packing, seeing BW buddies, Job applications and general life-type things that I just haven't had the chance. Rest assured I have been severely reprimanded by Auntie Lou for the lack of Cookie Blog activity.

Right, onto the other stuff.

We had a lovely day out with Nina, Theron, Connor and Amy-Lou yesterday. They've been on holiday at the Pontin's site in Southport (an experience which they won't be wanting to repeat in a hurry, unfortunately) so as it's only about 30 minutes for us Grace, Ewan and I went up to meet them for the day. The Pontin's park is......well....... I'm struggling to come up with a nice adjective. Sufficient to say that Nina wasn't expecting the Ritz - but something approximating clean would have been nice (thank God for upgrades!!). Hi-De-Hi??..... more like Hi-De-NOOO!!!!

The disappointment of the park doesn't seem to have stopped Connor having a blast (you've gotta love kids - they can make the best out of anything!). Judging by his soft toy collection he's becoming quite a dab hand at those grabby machine things (I think there were 8 at last count) and he was happy to show Gracie round the soft play and all the playground equipment.


Connor is (of course) Gracie's "New Best Friend". I think she's managed to find the Holy Grail of what every woman wants - a good looking younger man who does exactly as he's told! :) The two of them happily trotted around all day holding hands with Gracie's telling him things like "We have to hold hands when we cross the road Connor". When we went for something to eat they were like Southport's newest "little old couple" with Grace saying to Connor in an exasperated tone "well... what are you having then?"

They seemed to have fun (despite Gracie's mile long bossy streak having a field day) and certainly worked off plenty of energy - I think Connor was amazed to find someone who could run around and shout as much as he can!

Amy-Lou is gorgeous (although still a little spotty from her chicken pox, bless her). Her and Ewan mostly prodded each other when in close proximity (and 9 and 11 month olds tend to do ;)) but they seemed to get along just fine.

I spent most of Wednesday in a mad holiday packing frenzy but most of it is done now (just things that are last minute and a few odds and ends). That's the bit I hate most about going away. I need someone to invent a Star Trek style transporter so I can just beam us and all our crap there. Where's Gene Roddenberry when you need him?? Well, dead unfortunately, so I don't think he'd be much use *SIGH*

Last night I wrote an application form for a part time job at the sixth form college I went to (how weird would that be?). I was trying not to think about how long it was since I was there *COUGH* 13 years *COUGH* because that's slightly depressing. The job looks cool though - part time Degree Administrator so I'll go and drop the application in today and we'll see how it goes.

Right then, I think that's every thing up to speed. We're heading off for our summer jollies in the morning (about 10.30ish) so I may or may not have time for some blogging in the morning - it depends on the level of pre-holiday panic. I am taking the laptop though, because I am that sad and can't bear to be parted from my PC for a week. Such a shame that the wireless Internet connection on the site is in the adults only bar, don't you think??? ;)



Lou said...

Oh how cute is that pic of Gracie and Conner! They make a lovely couple! Glad you all had a good day!

Rach said...

Have a fab holiday Marie!

Glad you had a good time with Nina xx

Marmadaisy said...

Err, hello. I can't work out how to send you a mail through this thing. Do you remember me? I went to school with you for 7 years (insert sarcasm here).