Saturday, 9 June 2007

Just Lock Me In A Padded Room Please?

..... because clearly I can't be trusted with sharp implements! I've just stabbed myself with my craft knife (again) - which makes for the second time in as many weeks. This time on the pad at the base of my index finger. It's not a very wide cut - but I managed to stick about half the one inch blade of my craft knife in there. I'm still finding spots of blood that I've missed in the clean up. Seriously, I'm a danger to myself (if not others!).

Back in a bit with my LO to tell you about the rest of my eventfull-ish day....when I stem the bleeding enough to get it my page finished..... the crafting must go on after all :)



Rach said...


Hope you didn't bleed on your LO Marie!


Unknown said...

I DID!!!! See post above for details ;)


Unknown said...
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