Friday, 8 June 2007

Multiple Exclamation Marks!!!!

I know, multiple exclamation marks are allegedly the sign of a
truely deranged mind.

I think I'm in serious trouble!!!! LOL

Whilst I've been writing my last couple of blog posts I've
become increasingly aware that I use exclamation marks
WAY too often in my writing. Some days I can't finish a
sentence without one. When I go back and read them over in
my head it makes me sound like a Valley Girl. Way too heavy
on the up speak. I really don't sound like that IRL
(pretty hard to do Valley Girl with a Lancashire accent).

I promise to try and go easy on the old !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!'s from now on ;)



Unknown said...

Marie, you are much too snarky to sound like a valley girl!


but that's why we love you.


LOL :)

Unknown said...

Snarky??? I think you mean Sarky hun ;)

love M

Unknown said...

blast it!! that's what i get for trying to use those spiffy british-isms... now where's that embarrassed emoticon?

Unknown said...

ROFL!! Shhhhh.... we won't tell them if you won't ;)

Lou said...

I quite like sNarky!!

Rach said...

LOL snarky - that's a new one we'll all be using then!

I use loads of !!!!!'s - oooh and -'s!