Saturday, 16 June 2007

Naughty Me!

I'm sorry.

In my total over excitement about the cupcake army last night (it must have been the impending pumpkinness, it's distracting you know :P ) I plum forgot to tell you where you could get the recipe for these yummy creations. That would be here then.

For the frosting I used some recipes from the Chockylit blog - but adapted a bit because I didn't get enough butter out. Which lead to a very important frosting lesson:

If you must add extra butter, don't try to cheat and add it straight from the fridge - because it's not pretty!

I spent the next couple of minutes inhaling a cloud of cocoa and icing sugar (although, inhaling chocolate.... not necessarily a bad thing LOL) and I couldn't see past the film of powder on my glasses. Plus, it makes the mixer make unpleasant "you're working me too hard" kind of noises, which I have to say had me worried for a brief moment. Ah well, you live and learn.