Tuesday, 19 June 2007

Nitty Nora, The Bug Explorer


We've had a letter home from Gracie's play school today to say that they've had a couple of cases of head lice reported and to be on the look out.
I've had a good look but I can't see any signs on Gracie (I'll be getting Mum on the case later - she's a bug spotting master :)) but my head has been itching madly since I read the note *shudder*

I know it's inevitable she's going to get them at some point, but they give me the willies. I think I've been traumatized by those posters of them with giant photographs on that they used to have round school.

Do you remember the days of the nit nurse coming round?? We used to call her "Nitty Nora, The Bug Explorer". I don't know if they even do that any more. You would have to queue up while she went through everyone and trawled through your hair with one of those wooden tongue depresser thingies that look like a giant lollipop stick. Then when she'd finished she'd snap the thing in half with a look that suggested that she was invisioning snapping little necks instead of bits of wood. They were always really butch as well, like they should have been named Helga and probably threw shot put as a hobby - or maybe that's a St Helens thing. Bizarre.

Right, off to get Gracie some tea...now that I've made you all itchy. Sorry.



RachelC said...

It's international! I remember the wooden sticks too! Hope there's no sign of them in your house.

Unknown said...

Still no sign Rachel...and we're on holiday next week (so hopefully whoevers got them will be cleared by when we get back) and she's not in school Thurday. Maybe I should send her in a big woolly hat on Wed and Fri??? ;)

Unknown said...


Terrie Farrell said...

With three girls who all have the thickest hair immaginable i can warn you now, when they come....they no longer go! You'll be screaming to get the nit nurse back in a couple of years...trust me on that! X