Sunday, 3 June 2007

Nothing if not fickle

My Next Big Thing

Two layouts in three days. I could be in danger of being on a roll here! I decided to do the sketch challenge for the Pencillines design team search because I really liked the sketch. I've adapted it to 8.5x11 because it's a LO for my BoM (yes, I haven't forgotten about that - it's a work in progress!). It's a strange one, because it's not really about anything - and yet it's about the most basic trait of my crafting. You can't really see the journaling on this photos (still dreaming of that Nikon D40 (roll on Christmas!)) but it says:

When it comes to crafty things, I'm nothing if not fickle.
One week I'm hooked on scrapbooking,
The next I'll discover something new,
or rediscover something old.
Then I'm all about that for a while.
Be it baking, quilting, knitting or hairbows
I never know what's going to be My Next Big Thing.

The little pink squares are all fabric from my patchwork stash - and the paper flowers were one of my Hobbycraft bargains.... a big pot of paper flowers for £1.49.

I've made another batch of Raspberry and vanilla muffins to night because they didn't come out quite right and were niggling at me. I know what you're thinking, and tragically the answer is YES - I do lie awake at night thinking about cakes! For the new ones I took about a third of the cake mix out and added the raspberry juice to that, mixed it completely and then mixed the two back together - so they look much more marbled which is nice. I tried a tip with the raspberry which was to freeze them and flour them a bit so stop them from sinking, but that failed miserably and they still sank to the bottom. Ah Well. Didn't work on the blueberry one's either. *SIGH* I'll havc to Google "How to stop your blueberries from sinking" and see what delights that comes up with. Could be interesting!

We're off to Leeds tomorrow to see Lou, Emily and Xander. I haven't told Gracie that we're going yet so that should be fun in the morning :) I couldn't bear the "Are we seeing Emily yet? Are we seeing Emily yet? Are we seeing Emily yet?" tirade that I would have gotten today if I'd mentioned it, so I thought I'd keep it as nice surprise. Hopefully the weather will be nice and then we'll be having a garden picnic (or pic-er-nic as Grace would say) while we're there - which should keep them quite for a bit while Lou and I have a good old chinwag.

Tomorrow evening's plan is to finally get Karen's WonderStuff album done - which was supposed to be her birthday present... In April! but still hasn't been made yet (typical me!). I just need to decide what kind of album to go for, although I'm leaning towards a maze book at the moment because they're really cool. Watch this space for pics of that tomorrow if I manage to get it finished.



Lou said...

I'm liking the new LO! There's something different about it that's not your usual style, but as we still haven't established what your style is, I can't put my finger on what it is!! However I love it, definately competition worthy! ;)

Emily knows about Gracie's imminent arrival as it's a source of blackmail to get her to tidy her room in the morning!

BTW, loving the new pics in the photo gallery!!

Unknown said...

There does seem to be something decidedly Pink and Fluffy about the last two LOs..... don't worry though. Tomorrow's mini album will be strictly a black and purple creation!

love M

RachelC said...

Love the LO Marie. I saw the sketch for that one and quite liked it. Are you submitting it?

I wish I had a photo printer (I am assuming you do) so I could whip up pictures whenever I want them... to the size I need them.

And YIKES! You are stalking me LOL.