Thursday, 28 June 2007

Rain, Rain Go Away!!

Well - we're here in not-so-sunny Porthmadog (still think it's totally civilised to have the wireless connection in the bar! LOL). Mostly it's rained... and rained A LOT, but we have managed the odd couple of hours of sunshine here and there. I shouldn't complain though - at least we're not flooded! I shouldn't really say that. we'll probably wake up tomorrow to discover our caravan has become an inpromptu floating barge :)

We would have had a photo - but I forgot to pack the little dongle thingie that I use to transfer photos to the laptop....but hey, I packed everything else so I think I can be forgiven!

Nothing really to report - I just thought I'd blog while I'm here enjoying a nice Corona. Now I'd better go before Gracie implodes.... she wants to go on yet another 50p arcade ride. I swear they're going to bankrupt us!

Hopefully I'll manage to get up here to post some challenges tomorrow....... time will tell!



Marmadaisy said...

Welcome to Wales (or Croeso if you prefer, which you probably don't).
You should know that the Welsh summer has been and gone, it fell on a Thursday this year, which was nice.
Have a nice holiday.

Lou said...

Oooh, a cookie update! Was starting to get withdrawals! Have a Corona for me hun!