Friday, 22 June 2007

We're All Going on A Summer Holiday

It's FRIDAY!! :)

This week's scrapbooking challenge is another one word prompt. Prompted by the fact that we're going to Wales for a week tomorrow. This weeks prompt is:


and here's a nice bit of Cliff for you to sing along to while you think about what you're going to do for this week's challange - there's even words and everything... Karaoke city!! LOL

There's a sketch for this week as well (of course ;) ) which is here:


Do one LO for each, or combine the two - entirely up to you.

Happy Scrapping!



Anonymous said...

That's a cute sketch!

Have a lovely holiday Marie, what will we do without you??! I guess there comes a point where we all have to grow up and cope on our own... just make sure you come back in a weeks' time missus!!

Love ya!
Miche xxx

Lou said...

Oooh, interesting sketch! Don't know if I can do a holiday theme seeing as I'm not going on one! :(

Sorry but couldn't bare to click on the Cliff link! Something's are just better off unheard!

Happy Hols Hun! xx