Saturday, 16 June 2007

With Flowers in Her Hair.

This is a teeny tiny project for a rainy Saturday morning. Not even big enough to be called a project really.... a projette, if you will ;)


Gracie really loved the little felt heart clip I made a while back. Unfortunately it's currently missing, presumed down the back of the sideboard, so I made her this one this morning to tide her over until the hearts are relocated.

It only took about 15 minutes - so super quick. I cut two felt flowers in pink using a chipboard flower as a template (which I bought here - well, actually from Sarah at the Haydock crop, but you can get them on the website). Then I cut a circle of purple felt (I drew round a 1 inch punched circle of cardstock because it was about the right size). Hold the flowers together and blanket stitch around the edges with some embroidery thread. Leave one of the petals open while you stuff the flower to pad it out (in my case with some left over Sock Monkey innards! aka some 6oz wadding) then stitch round the last petal. Put the purple circle in the centre and put in a stitch to hold it in place, then attach the button and push the needle through to the back of the flower and make a double stitch to tie the ends off. Then sew a french clip onto the back. And that's pretty much it.

It looks much bigger in this picture than it actually is for some reason. It's only actually about 2 inches (maybe a little less) at the widest point.

So, that's my Saturday morning project. Now I'm off to check out what the Her Space: My Space prompt is for today, before Ewan wakes up from his nap!



katie said...

You cut 2 hearts marie?? or 2 flowers LOL

Love Katie x

Unknown said...

LOL Katie! Hearts on the brain from talking about the other ones! D'oh! Ta hun ;)

Rach said...

Love this Marie - I really must try and be a bit more creative LOL!

Anonymous said...

Sooo cute, i really must buy some felt. where do you get the hairclips to stick it to? LOL 'projette' cracked me up xxx

Unknown said...

Miche - I ordered my hair clips off a certain well known internet auction site ;) love M

Lou said...

Marie - You always amaze me what you can whip up in the same time it takes me to get my craft stuff out of the box! Gorgeous as usual!!

Anonymous said...

thanks Marie!

and ditto Lou how does the lady do it? i think she's running a sweat shop :D

Miche xxx