Thursday, 5 July 2007

Hi-Ho, Hi-Ho, It's off to work I go


Oh my! I'm going back to work tomorrow!

Well, temporarily anyway. I had a call from the temp agency today and after some reshuffling of childcare arrangements (isn't it just typical that tomorrow is the only day in months that Mum's had anything planned??) I've agreed to go and cover some sick leave at a local NHS Walk-in Centre tomorrow (and maybe a couple of days next week - depending on the severity of whatever lurgy has inflicted the person I'm filling in for ;)). It's some sort of audio-typing/secretarial gig. So no doubt I'll be spending most of tomorrow trying not to misspell lots of long words that end in -itis while I'm transcribing medical notes. That should be entertaining :)
It's slightly scary this temping melarky in that you get to be the new girl on a weekly basis - which can suck somewhat. The added benefit though is that if you get sent to work with a bunch of muppets at least you know you're not there that long.
Now... where did I put that pickaxe??? Hi-Ho, Hi-Ho, it's off to work I do do do, do do do do....


Rach said...

Oooh Marie I'll be thinking of you tomorrow hun xxx