Wednesday, 4 July 2007

One of your 5-A-Day?


Healthy cupcakes??? Maybe??

They've got orange juice and carrots. So, on the basis that they've got both fruit AND vegetables in them, they must be healthy. Right? I'm sure they can count towards your 5 portions a day ;)

The recipe for these is from Shimelle's blog, and you can find it here.

I would definitely recommend making the frosting the night before and refrigerating it. I made mine this afternoon and it was still a little soft when I piped it. Making it in the day was rather dangerous, as it's particularly yummy and I've been dipping into it all afternoon. Good thing that it makes way too much to ice 12 cupcakes (which is what the recipe made) :) So it's all good.

The recipe seems a bit of a peculiar one with strange and interesting ingredients like dream topping and custard. But they are decidedly moreish. Good job it only made 12 really ;)

Tollhouse cookies are on the agenda next - probably Friday (as that's usually baking day) and I've got a couple of paper and fabric things on the go too, so more about them when they're done.

I really need to get back into the regular blogging habit and stop slacking. I'm sure I'll start thinking of something interesting to say soon. On the other hand, why break the habit of a lifetime?



Lou said...

Of course it's not one of your five a day you silly girl! There's carrot AND orange in so I think it's more like TWO of your five a day!!