Thursday, 12 July 2007

A Series of Fortunate Events :)


You'll have to have the dwarves again - because I can't be arsed finding another "off to work I go" photo :)

I can't remember if I blogged about it (hey, I've slept since then!) but I had an interview last week for an administrator job (in the degree department) of the sixth form college where I did my 'A'-Levels. They called the day after the interview to say that the job had gone to someone else (who had specific education admin experience) - BUT - they called again yesterday to say that's she's turned it down because she's been promoted at the place she's currently at. So they've offered me the job - and I took it (I have NO qualms about sloppy seconds :P).

I'm doing two days next week (Monday and Tuesday) to do a hand over with the woman who's currently doing the job and then I'll start properly the week after which will be 3 days (9-5) - Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

What's very strange is that I knew, from the second I saw the advert that I'd be doing this job. I've even joked after they called about me not getting it that the other applicant might fall down a big hole and they'll call me back and offer it to me. It must be fate! I could even see myself working at the desk that comes with the job, which I saw on my mini tour of the place after my interview. Kendo says I'm not getting that desk though - they're going to put one in the corridor especially for me so I feel more at home :P ).

So, my time as a SAHM has come to an end. It was nice while it lasted and part of me is really gutted that I have to be going back to work at all, but part of me is also really ready to get back into working (something other than nappies, bottles and baby laundry to occupy my thoughts).

I'd better get this mummy-brain of mine kicked into gear! I'm going back to college! LOL



Rach said...

Congratulations Marie!!!!


Unknown said...

congrats!! glad you found something it sounds like you will like!