Monday, 9 July 2007

Should I Stay Or Should I Go Now?

The thing about temp agencies is...... you're always at their beck and call. Hmmpff. The agency called this morning to say they wanted me back at the place I went to on Friday (which I was wrong about by the way - there weren't many words ending in -itis....but there plenty starting with tympanic and ending with -ology (that's what the Audiology dept will do for you :) )). Anyway, I digress (no change there then). They called this morning to ask me to go back, so I ran round like a nutter, called Mum to make sure she could resume childminding duties, getting the kids sorted, getting me dressed into something vaguely office acceptable. Then they called back 15 minutes later to say they weren't sure if they need me and could I stay on "standby" for them. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. So now I'm basically going to be hanging round all morning waiting on them, as is Mum. Very annoying.

It's been a funny old weekend around here. Not much like a weekend at all infact (apart from the no school and Sunday dinner bits). Kendo's been driving all weekend so there's just been me and the kids at home, doing some driving of our own, that is, driving each other round the bend!

I'm not sure what's going on with Gracie the last few days. She's suddenly come over all Yorkshire. Her previously "posh" accent (that everyone usually comments on) has gone and she's replaced Mummy with "Mum-eh" and Daddy with "Dad-eh", aswell as "meh" "Beh" and "ok-eh". I don't know where she's got it from all of a sudden. I keep expecting her to start saying "By 'ecky thump" and "Well. I'll gu't fut o'ar steers". Bizarre.

Ewan is so close to crawling properly it's painful to watch. Everytime I think he's about to launch off he seems to change his mind and plonk back over to sitting on this bum. At this rate I'm going to give myself an aneurism from willing him on! I'm sure he'll initiate take off sometime this week when he's good and ready. Of course the lack of actually crawling hasn't diminished his ability to get into absolutley EVERYTHING around the living room. I think it might be time to re-evaluate the baby proofing.

Right, I'm off to have a cuppa and wait to see if the agency call back. Did I mention how annoying that is??



Rach said...

Pppppppttttthhhhhh temp agencies!

Lou said...

Did they call back hun? Oh the joys of temping!

Well, ecky thump, I've ney idea where our Grace could have got such banter tha knows!!