Monday, 23 July 2007

Those Me Too! Moments


I've had a few of these over the past weekend. For those of you fortuntate enough never to have been subjected to an episode of "Me Too!" you can either live in blissful ignorance (my recommendation) or you can, of course, find out all about it at wikipedia (because, let's face it, you can find out about pretty much anything on wikipedia, I'm sure they've probably got articles explaining the process of how belly button fluff comes to be (I'll have to look for that later)). Anyway, I digress, again. Those of you how have seen the delights of Me Too! will know what I mean.... Where did the time go? (am I suppose to sing that "race against time song now"???).

So, "Me Too!" moment no#1

Ewan was 10 months old on Sunday!! I can't believe it. Seems like only last week I was bemoaning being pregnant in a heat wave (Hmmmm... summer...... we remember what one of those is, right?). In a couple of months my baby will be one, and probably walking or close too at this rate. Not a baby any more really. Where did the time go?

"Me Too!" moment no#2

The new Harry Potter book came out Friday - no, really, it did (just incase that managed to escape your notice ;)). I bought it Saturday afternoon, and finished it this morning. Which basically put pay to my entire weekend. I'll say no more on the subject lest I give something away. Where did the time go?

"Me Too!" moment no#3

We're half way through July already. A month past the Summer Solstice - already into the nights getting longer. Not that we'd notice much at the moment because it seems to be dark early anyway with the crappy weather. I like Autumn, it's my favourite season, I'd just like it in September rather than July! Anyway, almost to the end of July, then it'll be back to school, then Halloween, then Christmas, then Grace will be 4!! Where did the time go?

What I really need to do is claim back some time tonight and get some scrapping done. I have 4 projects sitting part started (I won't say part finished - that'd imply I'd done more than get all the bits and piece for them out) and I really need to accomplish something this month. Maybe I do need the Race against time song after all - it always works for Bobby, Mickey John and Raymond.....

"I'm gonna do it. I'm gonna do it
I'm gonna beat the clock before the chime......



Unknown said...

what a GREAT picture of your cuties!! :)

and seriously... Ewan's about to be ONE?! when did that happen??!!

Marmadaisy said...

I have NO idea what you are talking about. Probably best ....

Lou said...

Marie - You're very much mistaken! Ewan's only a bubba, you only had him last week, he will be your baby forever! Harry Potter's not out til this weekend and it's only 50 pages long so you'll have it read before breakfast! And it's only April and they're predicting a heatwave! Where have you been woman?!
BTW, LURVE the pic of the squids! xx

Unknown said...

LOL Lou. Is it nice there in the exciting yet fictional world of Louise?? ;) love M