Tuesday, 7 August 2007

It's all a bit "Boom Chaka Waa Waa"!


I know, it's hard to believe - but I've actually done a scrapbook layout! Wonders will never cease. Inspired by two lovely 70's photos of me and Jacqui where we're wearing the same gorgeous :P chocolate brown and banana yellow polka dot dress (taken four years apart). I'm still not entirely sure what my mother was thinking. If you ask her though she maintains is was a "good" dress. For all you St Helens folks - it came from Finefare, which was on the corner of Barrow St - where Hooby Doo used to be.... you know where I mean ;) )

What I find particularly funny about the photo of me and Andrew at the beach is that clearly something never change. It's summer - and we're making sandcastles whilst wearing cardies :) Good old British summer time!

I'm working on another layout at the moment - could it be I'm finally getting my scrapping mojo back? So I'll post on that when it's done.



Unknown said...

so i have to ask... does the music (in your title) mean something different in the UK... cause it usually refers to p0rn music around these parts... :)

great layout too, btw!

Unknown said...

ROFL Jaime :) I would say it's just a 70s reference - I think I'll have to change the title now!! Yikes ;) love M

Lou said...

Banana, chocolate, 70s and porn? Ek, what has your blog turned into?!!!

Loving the LO, love the 70s colours and I always admie a woman who'll do embarassment scrapping!!