Tuesday, 14 August 2007

Word to yer Mother. How is yer Mother?

So, long time no blog. Slapped wrists for me.

Things have been a bit mental around here with getting back into working (and its a crazy time at work detailing with the new intake of students for September) and trying to work out how to squeeze what I used to do in 5 days at home into 2 days (not that I did much house work before, but what I did do is sliding by the wayside, which makes for a somewhat neglected abode at the moment).

We did manage to get out for an afternoon drinking session last Saturday (I kid you not!). We packed the kids off to Grandparents for the day/evening/night and went to see this. Which would be the Eclectica Music Festival (which is a free music festival held in our town). The headline act was Echo and The Bunnymen (which was the predominant reason for going, so Kendo could relive his youth). Kendo managed to leave my nephew Dan and his mate, Reaper, totally mortified by his uninhibited display of 80s Goth dancing, but inspite of that we had a really good day. The Bunnymen were entertaining (well, the 4 songs I recognised were! LOL), but the real stars of the line up had to be these guys..... The Lancashire Hotpots.

Absolute quality entertainment (think the Houghton Weavers with a comic 21st Century twist) and the fact that I can go all name-droppy and say I know the bass player (he'd be the one on the left in the photo) is also a bonus. There's no bonding experience like appearing on stage with someone wearing your PJs and clutching a teddy bear.... it means you've still got something to talk about after 15 years when you haven't seen each other for a while;)).

Anyhoo - you really need to check out the Hotpots website and listen to the song "He's Turned Emo". It'll have you snorting chippy tea out your nose from laughing so hard. Trust Me.

Now....... where's me whippet? I know I left it around here somewhere .....