Sunday, 2 September 2007

Cookies and Warm Milk.

So, daily blogging, as promised!
I've actually managed to get a lot done over the weekend. I think I ironing about nine loads of laundry on Saturday (not very flybaby like to let it build up that badly - but hopefully I can keep on top of it now). I also cleaned the kitchen and bathroom and found time to make homemade pizzas for tea with Gracie (which she loved making, but not so much eating) and I even managed to whip up a couple of sock puppets for Gracie's makeshift puppet theatre (made out of the box the new cooker came in, remember that? Yes, it's been in my living room all this time!). You would get to see photos of both of those....... if I hadn't decided in a moment of insanity to delete all the photos on the camera because the memory card was full! Muppet! Ahhh well, gone but not forgotten!

Today I've made Tollhouse cookies (on request from Kendo, so he can feed them to the site guys when he starts his new job tomorrow :) ) and this afternoon we went on what Gracie eloquently refers to as a "puddle walk" (thank you Balamory!). More like a total wash out really. We went to Sherdley park in our wet weather gear and jumped in every puddle we could find. Unfortunatley in true British weather style it pissed it down with rain the entire time so we were a decidely soggy and chilly bunch of Kendricks when we arrived home (all except Ewan who was safely ensconced under his rain cover! Jammy bugger!). Fresh baked Tollhouse cookies and some warm milk saw off the worst of that though and we were soon defrosted. There would have been photos of that too...... except for the deleting thing, which was prompted by a moment of rain soaked insanity..... and then it was too rainy to take photos anyway!

Back to playschool for Gracie tomorrow (woo hoo!!!) so she's got her new uniform all laid out for the morning. Best bib and tucker for me at work too (seeing as all those pesky students will be in residence) so I've got my clothes picked out and waiting (now THAT's a bit more Flybaby!).

As for the patchwork..... the less said about that the better. Sufficient to say that in a moment of total quilting muppetry, I sewed the pieces together in the wrong order so now it's waiting to have about 6 metres of unpicking done!! I'll try to get to that tomorrow as it needs to be finished by Sunday.

So, that's been my day, and now I'm off to my bed.