Monday, 3 September 2007

A Project In A Bag.

Knowing that I wanted to get at least one crafty thing done today (and that I had the whole quilting disaster to unravel tonight) I quickly packed this last night to take to work for my lunch hour).


(Okay, I confess, I took this picture when I got home, it only had the pieces in it this morning, not the finished clips..... Sshhhhhhh ;)).

I promised these to a fellow BWer a while ago. They've been on the (ever growing) list for a while but were perfect to take out of the house with me and I managed to get them done while chowing down on my cheese and ham sandwich, whilst getting bemused looks from the people in my office! These are the finished article:


These shall be winging their way to their recipient by I mean Royal Mail tomorrow :)
The plan for tomorrow is to hopefully get a couple of cards made (Congrats on the New Baby cards... for babies born at the end of July!! Tisk!) so I think I might just pack another project-in-a-bag for tomorrow :) Better than answering the phone in my lunch hour ;)
As for the rest of my evening......... the unpicking marathon awaits, unfortunately. Ah, well. Needs must. It'll teach me to pay more attention in future I guess.
Oh... I forgot to mention that my sink is clean, my clothes are laid out for tomorrow and I have just rebooted the washing machine. Go me! :)



kim said...

Flylady would be proud!
I love the clips--are they just two felt peices stuffed with batting for the main part? May have to pack my own project in a bag for those down moments away from the house.

Unknown said...

Kim - as it happens I've just written some instructions for these for someone else. They're here:

just scroll down to reply #13

love M