Thursday, 6 September 2007

These boots aren't made for walking... not anymore anyway.

I know, I know, daily blogging I promised, and have I delivered??...... have I buckleys. I'm officially crap :P

So. What's gone on this week? Well, at work on Tuesday there was a minor boot related incident.... which led to this:



I was rocking back and forth on my heel whilst filing a million student files, and then I heard a rather nasty crunching noise. That'll teach me. I did get numerous funny looks (even more funny than usual) walking around the college in my stocking feet but hey ho. Then I had to drive home with no shoes on, which was interesting, not to mention completely illegal. On the up side - at least it wasn't raining that day ;) I really like those boots too. Glum :(
I've finished the patchwork quilt I was working on, but I'm not posting pics of that on here until the recipient has received it..... just incase people are watching ;) I might finally get around to some papercraft-type stuff this week.
Ewan's getting much more brave with his walking and is delighting in tottering from place to place. I managed to catch him taking a couple of steps on video this morning for the first time, which you can see on photobucket here:

I also got one of him grooving to the Tweenies - as you can see he inherited his father's dancing skills ;)

Right, it's the first of my days off this week today so I'm off to spend some time with the munchkins, then do some ironing once Ewan's asleep and Gracie's at school. My life is so rock 'n' roll!



RachelC said...

It's illegal to drive without shoes over yonder???? DH and I do that ALL THE TIME!!!!!!!!

Sorry about the boots. Yay for ironing ;)