Sunday, 14 October 2007

Best Friends (Actually!)

I've been meaning to scrap this great photo of Grace and her BW buddy Emily for a couple of weeks. Which was a great plan. Unfortunately, I've been seriously lacking in the inspiration stakes lately when it comes to layouts. So, I did what any scrapbooker would do in a situation like this. I went trawling the internet for some online inspiration! Which I found, in the form of Annie Hafermann's "Keep It Real" layout.

One scraplift and some purple glittery stuff later and this is the result:


The journalling come from a conversation that took place at Ewan's Christening. It went like this:

Auntie Jaqs: "Are you having fun playing with your friend, Gracie?"
Grace: "YEAH!"
Emily: "I think you'll find we're BEST FRIENDS. Actually!"

For once Grace and Emily managed to last an entire day without falling out over something... so definitley a LO worthy moment.

Thank's to Annie for the inspiration. The photo would no doubt be sitting in my desk unscrapped for weeks otherwise!



Lou said...

I think you'll find that's a great layout, ACTUALLY!! ;)

kim said...

That has got to be one of the cutest things I've heard in a long time