Wednesday, 24 October 2007

Internet breadcrumbs

Do you ever have those days on the internet, where you feel a bit like Gretel (or Hansel, as the case maybe)? A trail of internet breadcrumbs leading you along a path to some gingerbread goodies (hopefully without a wicked witch at the end!).

My latest breadcrumb trail led me here (not an unusual starting point these days), but that led to here and here which lead me to here and here.

At the end of my trail, inspired by all those breadcrumbs stops along the way, I made this:





Here's some of the detailing:








What can I say about making this album, it looks great (I think) but blanket stitching transparencies is a bitch! One of those projects that seems like a genius idea when you start it, but begins to lose its appeal after you've stabbed yourself with the embroidery needle for the umpteenth time! (although given my track record with sharp objects and crafting, it's hardly surprising really :P)

Right, off to do some actual work in work :P



Unknown said...

that is amazing. there are no words that will do my amazement justice!

absolutely amazing (since i have no words, i'll have to sound like a broken record instead!! :) )

Marmadaisy said...

Wowee that is gorgeous! Well done. I'm amazed that you have the patience to a) make the thing in the first place b) take all those swish piccies and c) add fourteen thousand links on your blog.
May all your revels be orange ones!

Unknown said...

ROFL at the revels.... I still use that! Some things never change ;)

love M

Lou said...

Marie, I'm just amazed at the stuff you're producing at the moment, it's wonderful! Oh to have the Ek crafty brain!!

Rach said...

WOW Marie, that is fab!

I'll have to bow in the presence of crafting royalty tomorrow! x

Liz Weber said...

LOL Marie - that stitching was well worth the effort no matter how much blood was spilt.

Well done and TFS over at CIS :-)

Marmadaisy said...

Haha! Every time I see that fish fingers ad with the girl revising it reminds me of us (15 years ago YIKES!) having all-night revision sessions with veg soup and fish finger butties.

Manon Keir said...

it was well worth the effort marie, it looks just gorgeous!!

Julie said...

looks fab marie