Tuesday, 20 November 2007

The 1950s called........

.......................it wants it's housewife back!

That's how it felt on Sunday anyway - church in the morning with Gracie (stop laughing, it's not that funny) then home to cook the Sunday roast. Add in a couple of loads of laundry, washing dishes by hand because the dishwasher's broke (trauma!), vacuuming the living room, rustling up a quick fancy dress costume for Gracie for a birthday, and a trip to the ILs and my 1950s montage was complete. At least I get to leave the house to go to work on Monday (for a rest! ;)).

I would be posting photos of my scrapbooking LOs - but to be completely honest, everything I've done this week has been totally pants - one was vaguely passable and has been consigned to the album for the time being, the other was stored in that round folder that lives under the desk - permenantly relegated to the great scrapping bin in the sky *SIGH*




Lou said...

Er, who are you and what have you done with Marie?! What happened to slobbing around with a hangover on a Sunday?! I'm very disappointed with you Ek!

Joanna said...

Hi just found your blog. Just the t hought of my dishwasher breaking down makes me want to run to the fridge for a glass of wine

Marmadaisy said...

Oh look! One of my blogger friends found you! How cool is that?
You've been tagged!(Sorry)