Thursday, 29 November 2007

If Rock n Roll is the Devil's music...........

...........then this is what the band are chowing down on in the Green room between sets ;)


I haven't baked for a good long while, so after a week of feeling crappy with a cold and a day of dealing with poorly munchkins, what better therapy than a good old cupcake baking session. Food for the soul, I say :)

The basis for these is this recipe for Devil's Food cupcakes from the It's an all in one cake recipe (so none of that pesky beating the sugar and butter and adding the eggs one at a time business), but that does make the cake pretty dense (as that glutton does it's thing after you've beaten the flour senseless for three minutes on a high whisk setting). The frosting is surprising light though so that kind of off sets the density of the cake.

Devil's Food Cupcakes with Vanilla Mascarpone Frosting and Fresh Raspberry.

For the cupcakes.

Check out the link above (because it's way too late, or am I way to lazy, to copy and paste them).

For the filling.

Usual deal, scoop out the top with a melon baller, add a teaspoon of seedless raspberry jam (I used the no bits one so there's no lumpy bits either) and replace the top.

For the frosting.

Put 500g of mascarpone cheese in a bowl.
Add 1 tsp of vanilla extract.
Add icing/confectioners sugar (I have no idea how much I put in exactly - a good 5/6 heaped tablespoons to start with and then adjust to taste after first whisking)
Whisk until stiff.

Ice the cupcakes with a pallet knife (or you could probably pipe it as the texture is okay, not too runny).

Add a fresh raspberry and some melted dark chocolate and dust with cocoa powder.

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Nuff said.
I've been decidedly productive this evening. Not only have I made cupcakes but I've also finished my Christmas Journal album - unfortunately it was way to dark to photograph it well by the time I was done, so that'll have to wait until tomorrow (sorry Lou!).

On that note, I'll be off to my bed as I anticipate a broken night's sleep with two pukey babies to deal with. I just hope I don't catch it! I don't want to miss out on the Hotpots gig on Saturday night!



Lou said...

OK, I can forgive not seeing the Xmas album after seeing that cupcake photo! Yum!! There better be some left tomorrow lady or there'll be trouble!! ;)