Wednesday, 19 December 2007

Christmas Dinner abounds!

Both in life, and on paper today.

We went out for our Office Christmas dinner at lunchtime today (which was really yummy). It was also super embarrassing as I ended up sat at the same table as the Big Boss (aka our esteemed Principle at the college I work at (and used to attend)). That man has far too good a memory, for my good, if not for his own. He decided to regale my colleagues with the tale of how he remembered having to pour me back onto the coach after I got decidely drunk at the Upper Sixth leaving party (when I was in Lower Sixth, a group of us tagged along). Suffice to say that his recollection of events was unfortunately far more clear than mine. How totally mortifying was that!! For those of you that remember that, yes, it was the one at the Irish Centre in Liverpool where I spent 2 hours in the loos and had to be carried home. Oh my, the trials of a misspent youth! For everyone else - It really was a one off - HONESTLY!!!

So that was real life.

On paper we had yesterday's Christmas journal prompt which was about Christmas Dinner. Just a quick page for this one as I had two entries to do tonight. I've used the photo as the basis of a tag page (backed with cardstock with a tag insert for the journaling). The tag has details of the menu we've got lined up for this year, and the other side tells the tale of Kendo's £30.00 goose buying debarcle last year.


Today's prompt was to write a letter to Santa. Another quick one while I had two to do. This is made from a manilla envelope (which may or may not have been liberated from my office - you can't prove a thing!!!). I've added a tie with eyelets and some embroidery thread. The letter is inside, but I'm not sharing what's in it. That's a secret :)
I'm all finished with work now until 7th January. So two and a half lovely weeks of Christmassey freedom are spread before me - once I've finished the Christmas shopping, and wrapped the present, and shopped for the food, and visited all the relative/friends that need visiting, of course. Hmmmmm - maybe being in work would be less work?



Flapsi said...

Ooh, that letter page really jumps out! Lovely.

Marmadaisy said...

Love your letter to Santa. I wasn't at the Irish centre (why not? I can't remember) But I DO remember you losing a couple of hours in Lisa's bathroom at her birthday party. One off my arse!
Have a great Christmas xxx

Lou said...

I'm presuming your sixth form illness was down to a dodgy meat pie?! ;P

Love the journalling pages, really looking forward to seeing the finished thing now!

Mwah! x

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