Monday, 17 December 2007

Gracie's First Cinema Experience

On Saturday we took Gracie to the cinema for the first time – to see “The Bee Movie” (the choice of film being entirely for her, and absolutely nothing to do with me wanting to see it, obviously ;)). We learnt a few important lessons as part of our outing:

1) Next time I’M going for the pick ‘n’ mix and Kendo’s going for the tickets. £6.60 worth of sweets that Gracie wouldn’t eat because they were too hard/too squidgy/too fizzy/too yakky.

2) Small people and cinema seats do not mix. Apparently they’re far too “flippity flippity” to be comfortable, poor Grace spent the first half of the movie perched on the end of her seat and the second half sat on Kendo’s knee.

3) It’s physically impossibility for a 3 year old to be quiet for 91 consecutive minutes. Grace did quite well at keeping it to below a dull roar, which is more than some of the kids in there, but there was still a barrage of “What’s that for?” “Who’s he?” “Where’s that bee going?” “Is it time to go home yet?”.

From what I could get out of her afterwards she “mostly” enjoyed it, although I’m sure she would have enjoyed it even more if it had been preceded by a pizza (as the cinema is right near the Pizza Hut (Pizza Pub, as Gracie would call it) which is her fave place in the world to eat out.

I think next on the cinema going agenda will be “Alvin and the Chipmunks”…… I just need to arrange the second mortgage so I can buy the tickets!!