Friday, 21 December 2007

Modern Art??? Maybe.


You're probably asking yourself WHY? I know I am!

This is what I discovered when I finally got to sit down on the sofa once the kids were in bed and the necessary craftiness was done with for the evening.

Is it Modern Art? The latest in Interior Design Chic? Or just what happens when you combine a bored almost 4 year old with some shoes and a sideboard with knobs on. We were half tempted to wake Gracie up just to ask her!

Who knows what goes on in the inner workings of that girls mind?!

I haven't completed a journal page for yesterday's Christmas journal prompt - which was about unexpected deliveries or post, because I haven't had any. Clearly I need to get more friends, or at least more friends who like to surprise me with mail. I have done one for today's prompt..... about TODAY, but I haven't gotten around to photographing it yet, and there's a cold beer and some knitting with my name on it, so I'm afraid that will have to wait until the morrow.

I've also finished the last of my handmade Christmas gifts, which I was going to post photos of, until it dawned on my that enquiring minds may well be snooping. So, they'll have to wait as well. You'll just have to make do with Gracie's entry for the Tate Modern to keep you entertained :)