Monday, 10 December 2007

Note to Self:


I've still been lagging behind on my Christmas journal. I realised I've been doing my usual trick of obsessing too much about my pages being just right - instead of just actually getting them done! Hence the new Note to Self. I've been reading the prompts and getting some great ideas for my entries - which we WAY too complicated and totally missing the point of a day-to-day kind of thing. Once I'd let that go, I've almost managed to catch up but not obsessing, just doing. See, it's working already :)

Here's the latest entries:

Prompt 5: Christmas Countdown


Prompt 6: Christmas Memories (front)


Christmas Memories (inside)


Prompt 7: Christmas Organisation (front)


Christmas Organisation (inside) - no comments about me NOT using the Christmas planner, please, I hate "I told you so's" ;)


Prompt 10: Christmas Wrapping


I know what you're thinking.... and whilst yes, I do still have a serious case of nappy brain, it hasn't hampered my ability to count so much that I've forgotten that inbetween 7 and 10 come 8 and 9! I said I was getting there, I'm just not quite caught up yet. Today's prompt (#10) was a nice easy one so I decided to get that one done while I it was pretty easy. I'll get to 8 and 9 this week, they're a little more journaling heavy so will take a little longer.

Now I'm off to chill on the sofa and nurse the mortal wound big scratch that I've managed to get on my arm this evening. I was going to say that for once it wasn't a crafting wound - but as it was inflicted by the piece of wood that used to be my crafting table, I suppose it could still constitute a craft injury. I think maybe it objects to the manner in which it was torn out in my mass craft room overhaul frenzy a couple of weeks back. I think it's getting it's revenge in blood!



Lou said...

I do look forward to your Xmas journal posts at the mo! Can't believe the Cabbage Patch Doll pic, did Gracie find a time machine and transport herself back 21 years?! ;)

Latharia said...

Your pages are just lovely!!! I, too, am getting caught up in the obsession of lingering over a page to get it just right! I like the variety of colors & designs on your pages. (Of course I'm a bit biased ... none of my pages/designs match, either. ;))

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